Christmas Lights Votive Craft

I was sent a Christmas package from Oriental Trading a while back to use in my crafts.  With the exception of the hot glue, all items were from Oriental Trading and very affordable!

You will need:
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–  Frosted glass votives:
–  Plastic Christmas light beads:
–  Hot glue and/or other clear glue:

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Take your baker’s twine and string a bunch of Christmas light beads onto it.  Periodically put it around your votive to see how many you need.
2.  Once you have enough strung on the bakers twine, flip the votive upside down.  
3.  Tie the lights and bakers twine around the top (remember you are upside down) and tie tightly.
4.  I put four small dabs of hot glue around the votive, attaching the bakers twine.  Then I used a clear glue to put a thin line around as well.  The four small dabs tacked the twine in place, while the other glue dried.  All of this was done on what would be the underside, once the votive was flipped over.
5.  You can flip it over immediately!

That’s it!  You can use battery operated tea lights, or real ones!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!!


**The votive, Christmas light beads and bakers twine were all provided by Oriental Trading for review.  The opinions and ideas are all my own.

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