DIY Eggshell Mosaics – Make Something Monday

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You will need:

–  Eggshells cleaned and dried
–  Wood shapes – can be found at craft stores
–  India ink 
–  Triple Thick
–  Acrylic paint
–  Thick, clear drying glue
–  Sanding block or old nail file
–  Eyedroppers – can be found at drugstores

Here are links to the ink, Triple Thick and a few of the glues that would work :

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Clean and dry your eggshells.  I soaked them in hot water and dish soap.  Rinsed them and soaked them again.  I would say soak them at least overnight.  You can remove the membrane or leave it.  
2.  Paint your wood shapes with acrylic paint or stain them with the ink.  Allow to dry.
3.  Paint the one side with the glue.  You want it to be somewhat thick.
4.  Take an eggshell and press it down into the glue.  You can have a lot of small pieces or larger pieces, whichever you prefer.  Just make sure the eggshells are making contact with the glue.
5.  Allow to fully dry.  It does not matter if the shells are hanging over the edges.
6.  Break any of the shells that are hanging over the edges.
7.  Use the sanding block or an old nail file to clean up the edges.
8.  Take an eyedropper and take some ink (whichever color you want) and drip it onto the eggshells.  Move it around with a paintbrush or a gloved finger.  Let it sit for a while.  You can use one color or multiple colors.
9.  Take a paper towel and dab off any excess.  The longer it sits, the darker it will get.
10.  Allow to dry.
11.  Using a paintbrush, brush your pieces with Triple Thick and allow to dry.

Now you have some fun eggshell mosaics!  You can use them as ornaments (drill a hole and add a wire or ribbon), gift tags, pendants, add it to a coater, etc.!  So many possibilities!

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