Garbage to Gorgeous #7: Frame Makeover – DIY Craft Klatch

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You’ve been asking for another Garbage to Gorgeous.  I have been holding onto an old frame, from our friend Joe.  If you remember Joe, he gave me a bunch of stuff when he was moving to Florida.  Basically, it was all garbage.  He gave me boxed of thumbtacks, which I turned into two flowers.  He also gave me a wine holder that had grapes on it and I transformed it to a beachy wine holder.

In the load of stuff he left for me was a brass frame.  It was dirty, dusty, broken and out of date.  I was tempted on numerous occasions to just trash it myself, but I kept thinking this will come in handy for something…..

My husband’s niece is getting married this fall.  She lives in New York and her fiancé is from France.  We live outside of Chicago.  Because her time is limited for a shower, we had to take what we could.  She and her fiance are in for the Fourth of July, so that was our only chance.  Instead of a traditional shower, it is more of an informal couples shower/family get together/barbecue.  That obviously lead to some challenges, on how to handle everything.  I will have a future post and video to show how the party came together, but this occasion turned out to be the perfect time for the frame makeover!!  Score!

This is actually going to be a part of the centerpiece at the shower/cookout.  Since it is taking place on the actual Fourth of July, we decided to make it a theme of the US meets France.  I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find decorations, so I had to wing it on some things, which is where this frame comes into play.  We needed a centerpiece and something personal, so it didn’t feel generic.  I took a picture from her Facebook page and with a little help, I transformed it into a fun photo, where he has the Statue of Liberty torch and crown and she is wearing a beret and a very French mustache!

Frame with doctored up picture:

You will need:
–  Junky frame – mine was brass
–  Black spray paint
–  Stand – mine was from Dollar Tree
–  Glue – I used The Ultimate glue
–  Scrapbook paper with wedding rings
–  A piece of white card stock

Here is the video tutorial, where I show you exactly how I did it:

1.  Wash and dry the frame to remove any dust and dirt.  Remove the backing and the glass.
2.  Spray paint it black, on the front and the back.  This will take multiple coats.  
3.  Also paint the stand black.
4.  While the paint is drying, take your scrapbook paper and card stock to cover the backing.  I removed the old fabric backing off of the one I had.  See the video above and I show you exactly how I covered it.
5.  Put it back together and you have a frame that is updated, trendy and like new!

That’s it!  Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting and stay safe!


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