Witch Craft Halloween Golf Ball Recycling Craft W/ Video

I decided to throw one more golf ball craft into the Halloween mix this year. I made a Golf Ball Witch Craft for Halloween!

At the bottom of the post I have some other fun witch crafts and fun witch stuff I found to buy!

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Supplies You Will Need For The Witch Craft

Witch Craft Video Tutorial

Witch Craft Directions

Step 1

Cut a nose out of craft foam and glue it onto the golf ball.

Glue foam nose to white golf ball

Step 2

If you want to hang her (or only want to make the head), drill a small hole into the top of the golf ball. Then, insert an eye screw. Remember, if you are planning on hanging it, make sure you tie some string or fishing line to the eye screw before you attach the hat. Also, make sure you thread it through the top of the hat before you glue the hat in place.

Drill hole into top of golf ball
Screw in eye screw into the golf ball

Step 3

Paint the golf ball, including the nose, green. This will take a minimum of two coats. Allow it to dry

Paint the golf ball and nose green

Step 4

Glue on the eyes.

Glue on google eyes

Step 5

Cut two small strips for eyebrows and glue them into place.

Glue black foam strips over the eyes for angry eyebrows

Step 6

Draw a frown for the mouth, with a permanent marker.

Draw frown on face with red permanent marker

Step 7

Glue on the hair. I used some trim I had on hand. You can use any color hair for this witch craft and you can make her look as happy, angry, or grim as you like!

Glue on black fringed trim for hair

Step 8

Take a pencil and tie a string to it. Put the string into the corner of the craft foam and draw a small arch. This is for the hat, so keep that in mind when you are deciding how big to make it.

Use pencil and string to draw an arch on black foam

Step 9

Cut it out.

Cut out the arched foam piece

Step 10

Have the two long ends meet and you will see it will create a cone. Glue those together. It will probably be messy, but don’t worry. We will cover all that up!

Have the two long ends meet to create the cone for the witch craft hat

Step 11

Cut a circle to form the base of the hat. Cut it out.

Cut out circle from foam for base of witch hat

Step 12

Fold the circle in half and in half again. Cut a small piece of the corner out and that will give you a hole right in the middle. The hole helps the hat sit more securely on the head and also allows the eye screw to fit through.

Cut hole in center of foam circle so eye screw can go through it

Step 13

Glue the hat together.

Glue foam witch hat together

Step 14

Glue the hat on the golf ball.

Glue on witch hat to the golf ball witch head

Step 15

Create a larger cone, using the same method we used above and cut it out.  

Use pencil tied to a string to create an arch on black foam

Step 16

Glue it together.

Glue foam for body together

Step 17

Snip off the pointy part, so the head has somewhere to sit.

Snip off tip of cone

Step 18

Glue the head on the top of the body. You want the glue seam to be in front.

Place the witch head on the foam cone

Step 19

Cut out two arms. Mine looked like little socks. I painted the ends green for hands.

Paint hands green on the foam arm cut outs

Step 20

Glue the black ribbon over the seam.

Glue black ribbon on front of seam on the body

Step 21

Now, it is time to glitter! This is when you get to cover all your mistakes and the excess glue. I did stripes and polka dots on the hat. On the ribbon, I put dots to make it look like buttons. I added glue to the base and the brim of the hat. I added glitter to the sleeves and the bottom of the dress. Do patterns. Don’t do patterns. It is all up to you!

sprinkle glitter on glue for dots on the front of the witch craft

Step 22

Now it’s time to make the broom. Find some twigs – a bigger one and a bunch of small thin ones. Break the larger twig to the size of the broomstick and break the smaller ones to the size of the bristles. Glue the smaller ones to one end and put a ribbon or twine around them.  

Put twine around twigs to make the broom

Step 23

I added a little resin cat I had leftover, but you could add a sticker instead.

Add resin cat to the witch craft

That’s it!

Golf Ball Witch Craft diy

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golf ball witch

Have fun with it! I’d LOVE to see what you make! Be sure to share it over on my Craft Klatch Facebook Group! It’s Free! ❤️

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Golf ball witch craft DIY

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