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This week we are tackling a gumball machine coaster set.  It’s a mixed media project.  It’s easy and fun!

You will need:
Coaster mold:
Construction paper:
Circle punch (.75 inch):
The saw I use:
Silver paint:
Wood (can make with polymer clay instead)

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Punch out a variety of colors from your construction paper, using your circle punch.  I think I did about 10 per coaster (adjust as you would like).
2.  Mix four ounces of resin and pour one ounce into your coaster molds.  If you only have one mold, you can only do three at a time, so don’t mix the last ounce until you have removed the others.
3.  Pop the bubbles with your lighter.  Put the construction paper circles directly into the resin and press them down with your stir stick.  Move around as needed.
4.  Pop the bubbles with your lighter.  You may need to do this more often, while it is curing, because paper can release a lot of tiny bubbles.  (Tiny Bubbles….good song by the way! 😀) .
5.  Once they have cured, you can remove them.
6.  On a piece of paper, lay one of your coasters down and draw a gumball machine around it.  They are basic shapes, no need to get fancy.  You can do it!  Be sure to trace the shape of the coaster, so you get the right shape of the circle.
7.  Cut out the drawing and tracy it onto a piece of plywood.  Here is a tip:  If you don’t wan’t to use wood, you can easily use polymer clay as a substitute and it would turn out just as well!
8.  Cut out your pieces and sand as needed.
9.  Paint your pieces a bright red.  This will take at least two coats.
10.  Once dry, glue them onto one of the coasters.
11.  When the clue has dried you can stack the other coasters on top of it and now you have a full gumball machine!

I hope you like it!  

Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter! ™   

Thanks for stopping by and stay safe!


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