How to Make a Wreath for Christmas

If you are intimidated by how to make a wreath, I have the easiest Christmas wreath ever! And it’s super affordable to make! I spent $10 on this wreath and about 10 minutes!

Unleash Your Creativity with a Dollar Tree Delight

As Christmas edges ever closer, there’s no better way to embrace the holiday spirit than by discovering how to make a Christmas wreath step by step.

I’m going to reveal the secret to crafting this masterpiece using affordable supplies from Dollar Tree. Get ready to deck your halls with a touch of DIY magic and create a wreath that captures the essence of the season!

This literally may be the easiest wreath you ever make!

How to make a wreath using supplies like dusters, bottle brush trees and a wreath form

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies – The Foundation of How to Make a Wreath

If you have every asked yourself, “What do I need for wreath making?”

You were probably thinking wire cutters, glue guns, floral tape and all kinds of other supplies. Well, not for this project!

Before diving into the crafting fun, ensure you have all your supplies ready. Head to your local Dollar Tree or use the links below and grab the following from Amazon:

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These budget-friendly finds will be the essential foundation for your enchanting wreath.

Step 2: Setting the Stage – Wire Form

The circular wire form serves as the base for the Christmas wreath and is the perfect size for the fluffy dusters.

Removing the handle of the duster for the wreath

I twisted the handles off the dusters. There is a thick wire in the dusters but they are easy to bend. Bend all three to fit the curve of the wreath form. Then, tuck each end behind one of the vertical pieces.

Bending the duster to form to the wreath form

Step 3: Wiring & Fluffing

The dusters are pretty fluffy, so you won’t need to do much additional fluffling. The duster heads fit perfectly into the wreath form. I used a thin wire to better secure them. The fluff on the dusters cover up the wire without much effort from you!

Wire on the dusters to the wreath frame

If you have a glass door that you will be hanging this on or if you want a fluffier wreath, you can add three more dusters on the backside.

Step 4: The Crowning Jewel – The Dazzling Ornament

Every Christmas wreath needs a show-stopping centerpiece! The snowflake ornament was just perfect!

Adding a snowflake ornament to the wreath

I wired it on, just as I wired the dusters.

Step 5: How to Work Bottle Brushes into It!

Bottles brush trees are hot! And really, how can you not love them? They are classic and decorative. So, it made sense to add a little bottle brush charm.

Adding bottle brush trees as I'm showing how to make a wreath

I added six of the trees. Mine were pretty plain in green and red, but they have some bottle brush trees that light up too!

I figured out by mistake that the bottle brushes really want to stick to the dusters. I didn’t have to glue or wire them in. The upside, you can move them around of change them out if you want to without ruining the wreath.

Finished Christmas wreath with bottle brush trees

Now that you see how it was put together, you have to agree this is the easiest wreath ever!

The whole thing cost about $10 for supplies and took about 10 minutes to make.

A Dollar Tree Delight

Embrace the joy of DIY and proudly display your creation on your front door, above the fireplace, or as a charming centerpiece. Share your festive masterpiece with friends and family and spread the holiday cheer!

Finished wreath with bottle brush trees

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Thanks for stopping by! Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!

Stay safe!


How to make a wreath for Christmas

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