Wow everyone with this pistachio nut shell pendant.  It’s beautiful, stylish and completely unique!
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Here’s the video tutorial:

The first thing you are going to have to do is eat A LOT of pistachios and keep the shells!  I boil the shells with a little bit of dish soap and then rinse them in a colander and usually there is a little dark membrane part that needs to be removed.  It pops right out after soaking.  Then, I will set them out to dry.  If it’s nice and sunny out, I’ll put them in the sun.

After they are dry, I will put a fabric dye powder into a plastic bag with hot water and a little bit of salt. I will mix it up well, add the pistachio shells and leave them soaking overnight or until I get back to them.  Then I rinse them and again let them dry.  

 When it’s time to make the pendant, I did the two below in two different ways.  I used the Easy Cast Epoxy/Resin and it worked like a charm.  It was much easier than I anticipated.  Prepare the resin according to the package directions, or you can find a video of me preparing it in my Candy Resin Pendant post.

I lined my work surface with wax paper to protect it.  For the red one, I put a dab of resin on the wax paper, put in the glass bead and took the pistachio shells and put them in a flower pattern around the bead.  I let it dry overnight and then peeled it off of the wax paper (it was easy).  Then, I drilled a small hole in one of the shells and wear it as a pendant!
I did pretty much the same thing with the green pendant, except I coated it with resin as well for a glossy look.  I did have to trim around the green one and do minor sanding where I trimmed to smooth out the edges.   
Have fun!  As always, I’d love to see what you come up with!
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Happy Crafting!  


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