Recycled Sunflower Garden Art Craft Tutorial

Use recycled materials to make beautiful sunflower garden art! Home decor for the outdoors just in time for spring!

With Spring in the air and summer around the corner, I thought it was a perfect time to do a sunflower craft out of recycled materials. Who doesn’t love sunflowers in the garden?

Sunflowers Are Not The ONLY Choice

I’ll walk you step by step through the sunflower making process below. However, if you want a different flower, an artichoke or a bug type of project, I have a few other garden art projects that you will love!!!

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Sunflower made out of recycled materials

Supplies You Will Need To Make the Sunflower

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Here is the Video Tutorial


1.  With scissors, carefully cut the top off of the pop cans.

Cutting can with scissors

2.  Cut 4 to 5 petals into the pop can – do not cut them off, they should remain attached.  Bend them down and trim the in between pieces into little petals.

Cut the leaves of the sunflower
Bend back the petals to form a flower
Press the two cut flowers together
Can cut into flower with logo seen on back

3.  Spray paint both yellow – front and back.

The can flowers are painted a bright yellow

4.  Take the 1/2 styrofoam ball and your pushpins.  Cover the styrofoam ball with glue – such as Weldbond that will weather and offer a seal between the styrofoam and the spray paint.  Note:  Spray paint will dissolve/melt styrofoam and that is why the glue is used as a sealer to prevent that.

Dip the pushpins into the glue

5.  Glue all of the push pins into the stryofoam and allow everything to completely dry.  

tick the gluey pushpins into the half styrofoam ball
Half styrofoam ball covered in colorful pushpins

6.  Spray paint the pushpins black or brown.

Half styrofoam ball covered in pushpins painted black

7.  Spray paint the dowel green.

Green dowel rod

8.  Use a strong glue, such as the E6000, to glue the two pop cans together and the push pin stryofoam covered ball into the middle.  Allow to dry.  

Squeeze glue into the inside of the yellow flower
Squeeze glue into the inside of the glued together flowers
Add the black styrofoam ball with pushpins to the center of the two flowers

9.  Poke/cut or drill a hole into the bottom of the pop cans, creating a place to insert the dowel.  Add glue and allow to dry.

Add green dowel rod to the pop cans
Recycled sunflower craft in garden
Sunflower garden art

That’s it!  Thanks for stopping by!

Alternative Sunflower Garden Decor

Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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