Valentines Day Clipart for Your DIY Projects

Valentines Day clipart FREE! Perfect for DIY projects with hearts, romantic designs, and adorable animals. Spread love this Valentine’s Day!

Do you ever have a hard time finding images for your crafting?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I have found a number of sites with a fantastic array of images you can use for FREE!

Did you notice I said FREE?

I love FREE!

Whether you’re crafting cards, gift tags, gifts for that special someone, or home decor, you can find the perfect image to add a touch of love to your DIY projects.

The first time I even heard the word clipart was in college. My friend and I had to do some flyers for a mixer or some event and we were given clipart images we could use.

Back then, it was out of a book or loose images. We had to paste them together on a piece of paper and run them through a copy machine to make the flyers.

Oh how far we have come!

Clipart Images in my Crafts

I’ve used clipart images in a lot of my projects but I’m trying to think if I have ever used them in a Valentines Day craft.


I used a really cute clipart snowman image when I did my Snowman Believe Sign. By the way, still one of my favorites!

Looking back, I used firework clipart when I did my resin Fireworks Coasters (which turned out way cooler than expected).

As well as the coordinating Fireworks 4th of July Sign.

Still my most popular project, the Emoji Table also included a clipart image.

Recently, I did a decoupage project for Fall that had a beautiful autumnal clipart photo…

…but none for Valentines Day.




Without a doubt, I will have to do something about that especially since I love using clipart images!

In fact, I’m thinking of some ideas right now!

In case you are an enthusiast like I am, I’m going to share some of the clipart sites I have used in my crafting. I’m not affiliated with any of them. I am just a fan.

Valentines Day Graphics: Elevate Your DIY Brilliance

There are so many images out there to choose from for your Valentine’s Day projects. Not only classic hearts but also cute animals, photographs, intricate patterns, and so many more!

Look at this beautiful heart image from That would be beautiful on a card or, it can be used with your cutting machine or with a laser engraver!

My ideas are flowing!

I love you Valentines Day graphics
Image by Freepik

Just know, that depending on the license, you may need to give credit.

Generally, the websites will instruct you on how to do that. Not all images and sites require credit, but some do.

Valentines day clipart tree with hearts

This pretty image is from Pixaby by the artist  Alexandra_Koch. No attribution is required but I like to give credit when I can.

Clip Art Candy: Indulge Your Sweet Creations

Candy always sweetens everything!

Valentines Day candy clipart images might be actual photos like this one from Pexels

Or illustrations like this Valentines Day candy clipart of a giant pink candy heart:

Valentine’s Day Clipart Transparent: Seamless Integration into Your Designs

Those images are beautiful but what if you need Valentine’s Day clipart images with transparent backgrounds?

Transparent backgrounds allow you to put the images right into a design and you don’t have to worry about editing the image or removing the background.

For those images, you want to look for .png or vector image types.

Most of the sites have them.

Valentines Day Animal Clipart: Whimsical Touches for Your Crafts

Infuse whimsy into your Valentine’s Day crafts with adorable animal clipart! Like this super cute heart cat from Clip Art Library.

Valentines day animal clipart | Heart cat

Or a Valentines Day owl clipart or two will add an extra layer of charm to your projects.

Valentines Day Clipart Banner: Create Stunning Visual Displays

Create eye-catching visuals with Valentines Day clipart banners. They are the perfect addition to party setups, cards, and signs! Talk about a bold statement of love and celebration!

This one from Clipart Library is so fun!

Valentines Day Bear Clipart: Huggable Designs for Your Crafts

I know we talked about using other cute animals for the Valentine’s Day projects but I feel like bears need an extra special mention.

Teddy bears are a Valentine’s Day staple! Seriously, could they be any cuter?

Valentines day bear clipart
Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

Once you start looking, you’ll probably get sucked down the rabbit hole of amazing images!

Valentines Day bear clipart expresses affection and warmth in your handmade cards and creations.

Clipart Images: Something for Every Theme

Now that we have covered Valentines Day Clipart Images and where you can find them, it’s time to figure out how you can put them to good use in your DIY projects, whether they’re romantic, traditional, quirky, or modern.

Of course, you are going to want to remember these sites for every other holiday or occasion for which you will need clipart images.

Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

In case you don’t have time to make all your decorations, here are a few fun ideas that you might want to include for your celebrations!

Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™

Stay safe!


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