Coffee Filter Flower Craft

Easy and fun craft.  The use of coffee filters eliminates any cutting.  The ability to simply color or dye the coffee filters allows for endless possibilities and color combinations!
Watch the tutorial to see how it all comes together!

You will need:

– 16 coffee filters
–  Food color
–  Spray bottle and water or paintbrush and water
–  1 Pipe cleaner

Color the coffee filters with watered down food color.  You can either put a few drops in a spray bottle with water, which is what I did to the flower shown.  Or you can use a paint brush with watered down food color and paint on the filter like you would with water colors.  The results are different, but equally as beautiful.  Once you colored your filters and let them dry, make a neat stack.  Do an accordion fold to the filters.  Bend in half to find the center to attach your pipe cleaner.  Twist the pipe cleaner to tighten and then fan out.  One by one pull a coffee filter to the center – you can alternate sides or do one at a time. Once you have them all pulled up, shape it a little and you will have a beautiful flower.  It reminds me of an iris and a water lily!

Happy crafting and share what you have done!

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