Snowman Glitter Ball Ornament Craft Tutorial

Make a cute snowman ornament!  I combined the glitter ball idea from my last post and added a little exterior embellishment to turn him into a snowman!

You will need :
–  Glass paint – I used Martha Stewart brand (baking in the oven is optional – just follow directions)
–  Clear glass ornament
–  White glitter
–  Floor wax – I used Mop and Glo
–  Funnel (optional)
Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Use glass paint to draw the carrot nose and charcoal eyes and mouth on the outside of the clear glass ornament
2.  Allow to dry and/or oven bake to make it permanent (follow directions on the paint you are using)
3.  Squirt some floor was into the ornament and swish it around
4.  Drain it back into the floor wax container
5.  Pour white glitter into the ornament and shake it around until it is completely covered on the inside
6.  Pour excess glitter back into the glitter container
**The first one I did, I used a coarser glitter and it looked more icy than snowy.  The smaller one I did, I used a finer glitter.  That one, however, I did try to rush the glass paint along and put it in the oven before dry.  Now I know why they say to let it dry beforehand!  It kind of blows up in the oven, like bubble gum (not that big), but leaves your paint rather imperfect.  I touched it up and it looks okay, but lesson learned!
You are done!  That’s all it takes!
Hope you give it a try!  Have fun!  Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!  

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