Chili Peppers and Mung Beans – Another Coaster Friday

I wanted to try something a little different. Someone had suggested chili peppers a while back, but I hadn’t gotten around to doing it. 

I thought chili peppers alone might be a bit boring, so I wanted to add something that would be a complementary color and add some visual texture.

I wandered the bulk spice and beans section at Whole Foods and came across dried mung beans. I’m not sure what mung beans are, or what they taste like, but they were a great color!

Supplies You Will Need

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  • Resin
    • When deciding on which resin to use for your coasters, you need to keep in mind whether you want it just for cold cups or for hot as well.
      • If only for cold drinks, you can be flexible and use whatever brand you like:
      • If you want it to work for both hot and cold drinks, you need to look for a heat resistant resin, like these:
        • FX Poxy ~ According to the manufacturer, this one is heat resistant to 500° F.
        • Stone Coat

Here is the Video Tutorial so you can see how I made it!

Directions on How To Make Chili Pepper and Mung Bean Coasters

1.  Prepare your resin according to package directions. Gather dried mung beans and dried chili peppers.

2.  Put some of the resin into a small cup and add mung beans. Mix up enough to cover the bottom of the mold.  

3.  When the mung beans are well covered with the resin, pour them into the mold and spread them evenly over the bottom.  Pop the bubbles with a lighter.

4.  Take your chili peppers and gently press them into the resin.

5.  Allow to sit.  I let mine sit for 12 hours, but you probably don’t have to wait that long.  Add top layer of resin, pop the bubbles with a lighter and let sit for at least 12 hours.

7.  Unmold it!

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Chili Pepper and Mung Beans Coaster

That’s it!  It’s very earthy and natural and fun! Thanks for stopping by! Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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