Chit Chat with Craft Klatch: Resin Tips and Troubleshooting

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about resin and thought I’d take a a little time to share answers.  Hope this helps!

This is the Silikomart mold that I have used:

This is the link to the Freshware mold that I have also used, but they now have a six cavity mold in its place.  These are three inches wide, rather than the four inches that I usually use and I guess they might work.  It’s up to you, if you want to give it a try.  Just remember that Amazon changes their items, so always be aware of that!

Here is the Super Gloss Mod Podge:

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!


8 thoughts on “Chit Chat with Craft Klatch: Resin Tips and Troubleshooting”

  1. I have some resin never used it .But glad watched this & how you explained to be careful on certains things you do with resin like measuring not get water in it ,,thank's I enjoy this

  2. hi need some help please. wanted to ask if can any type of colour can be mixed to the resin? or do we need specific pigments. can we use normal food colouring. thanks so much.

  3. I have not used regular food coloring, but other people have told me they have and it worked. You can also use powdered eyeshadow. Hope that helps!

  4. I get little wet/sticky spots on my coasters that stay well after they've cured. How do I safely remove them without damaging the coaster? Also, how do I prevent that from happening? My theory was that my straw blowing added some moisture to the surface, but I'm not sure if that's right. Thanks!

    • Hi Jamie – I'm not sure what happened. It is possible that if moisture got on it that might happen. However, it sounds like maybe it wasn't mixed thoroughly. Or maybe it was too humid? It's hard to determine. You won't get the sticky spots off, but you could seal them and they it won't be an issue. If you take a thin layer of resin and just slowly pour it over the top, or brush it over, then the sticky spots should be sealed. If you are using Easy Cast or Envirotex Lite and you continue to have problems, they have a great customer service department that will help you figure it all out. Hope that helps! Mona

  5. Hi Mona,
    I've just discovered your website and I love your coasters, can't wait to get one started, I wanted to know if you can put a hot cup of coffee on it or is it just for cold drinks.

    Thank you!

    • It's really for cold drinks. There might be other resins that might work for hot beverages, but I really don't know. One person had suggested polyester resin. I don't use it because it has such a strong odor, but it might work. When you start making them, you should definitely share your creations on my Facebook page I would love to see them and so would other people! Mona


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