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Do you have a coffee lover on your Christmas list?  Make them something unexpected, make a Coffee Candle!!

You will need:
–  Glass coffee cup – I bought mine at Dollar Tree
–  White candle wax:
–  Wicks:
–  Candle dye – use a mix of red, blue and yellow to achieve brown
–  Disposable cake decorating bags and a large tip
–  This is the pitcher I used:
–  Coffee fragrance:

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Melt enough wax to fit into your glass cup.  

2.  Add red, yellow and blue dye to create brown.  This will take some experimenting, but you will get it!

3.  Pour a little bit of wax into the bottom of the glass cup – enough to fill the dip.

4.  While the wax is still melted, put in your wick and secure it with two popsicle sticks.  Allow the wax to harden.

5.  Once hardened, fill the cup with the remaining wax and make sure to keep that wick secure.

6.  Allow to completely cool.

7.  Melt some more wax, but do not add any dye.  We want this to stay white.

8.  While it is cooling mix it with a fork or spoon.  You want to keep mixing it until it becomes a kind of pudding or cottage cheese consistency.  

9.  Once you get that consistency, scoop it into the piping bag and pipe it around the wick, on the top of the candle.  It should look like whip cream!

10.  I added a cinnamon stick for decoration.

That’s it!  Once it has cooled off, you have a cute gift!  

Happy Holidays!  Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter! ™  Stay safe!!


1 thought on “DIY Coffee Candle Craft Tutorial ~ Craft Klatch”

  1. I thought the coffee mug candle would be a nice gift for a friend of mine who loves both candles and coffee. The candle came out great thanks to the easy to follow instructional video. I am happy to say, that my friend loved it. She was both surprised and touched, when I told her that I made it myself.

    Sheila @ Custom Candle Co.


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