DIY Cupcake Phone Charging Station ~ Back To School Crafts ~ Craft Klatch ~ How To

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Are you ready for a fun back to school craft?  Perfect for a dorm room or just because you like cupcakes, I will show you how to make a cupcake phone charging station.  You can customize it to fit your decor!

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Some of the items I used:
Saw (which I LOVE):
Extra blades (incase you get the saw):
Acrylic paint (great set to get started!):
Dremel tool:
Triple thick:

Here is the video tutorial: 

1.  Draw a cupcake, a half moon and two tall triangles.  Make them any size you want, but make sure they fit the size of the phone.
2.  Cut out the drawings and trace them onto some plywood.
3.  Use a saw to cut out the pieces and drill a hole in the middle of the half moon piece.
4.  Sand the edges and wipe clean.
5.  Paint the pieces.  Choose colors to fit your decor, or just your favorite colors.
6.  Seal the pieces with Triple Thick or any sealer that works for you.
7.  Glue on the dowel caps.
8.  Using your Dremel tool, notch in the two pieces for the stands.
9.  Use glitter and glue to keep it together.
10.  Assemble and glue together.  
That’s it!  Now you have a unique, one of a kind, phone charger to decorate your room!

Thanks for stopping by.  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter.™   Stay safe!


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  1. I love this idea, and it look so yummy. I might eat this whole thing, just kidding. You did a great job by the way! LSG Office Products


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