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This week on Another Coaster Friday, I am making mandala Coasters!  This is my interpretation and I was just having fun with them.

You will need:  

–  Coaster mold:

–  Resin: 

FYI:  I used two different kinds.  You can use EasyCast for all of it, but you will want to color the base with with pigment.  Or you can use the FastCast for the base because it cures white and finish it off with the EasyCast or other clear resin.

–  FastCast:

–  Easy Cast:

–  White pigment:

–  Bright orange pigment:
–  Bright yellow pigment:
–  Bright green pigment:

–  Transparency film (laser printer):
–  Transparency film (inkjet printer):
–  Circle cutter:
There are a lot of great mandala sites, but these are where I found the images I use:  &
Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Mix three ounces of resin.  In this project, I used Fast Cast for the first layer.  It cures fast and it cures white.  Now if you want to use the Easy Cast, you can!  You just want to add white pigment to it.  So choose whichever resin you prefer.  Here is a tip, which you can see in the video, if using the Fast Cast and you want to add color to the third coaster, mix that one separately.  It set up so fast, I couldn’t do it with my first batch.  Lesson learned!
2.  The first two I did just white, so if using the Easy Cast, add the pigment.  If using the Fast Cast, work fast.  If adding color to the last one, do that.  I separated the resin for the last coaster into three small cups.  Then I added the pigment colors.  I poured them all into the last coaster cavity and swirled them.
3.  Pop bubbles with your lighter and let it cure.
4.  Find Mandala designs that your like.  I have linked two sites above, that have beautiful designs.  Two I left as black outlines and one I colored on the computer.
5.  Print them on transparency film.  I use a laser printer, but I have been told by several people that the inkjet printers work just as well.  
6.  Cut them out.  I use a circle cutter that works like charm.  Set it to just under four inches.  Practice on paper to see if you have the size you want.
7.  Mix three ounces of the Easy Cast resin.  
8.  Pour one ounce into each coaster cavity.
9.  Slide the transparency films into the resin and using your stir stick, press out the bubbles.
10.  Pop bubbles and allow to cure a minimum of 12 hours.
11.  Once cured, unmold them!

That’s it!  Now you have some pretty stunning coasters!  Thanks for stopping by!  Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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