DIY Dollar Store Skull Wall Hanging ~ Craft Klatch Halloween Series

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Halloween is coming up quick, so I’m trying to get some Halloween crafts together.  I had a Dollar Tree skull leftover and everything else on hand to make this Halloween decoration!

You will need:
–  Plastic skull
–  Mod Podge (I used matte for the background and super gloss for the blood)
–  Acrylic paint (light gray, dark gray, black and red)
–  Glue
–  Fake spiders of varying sizes
–  Eyeballs
–  White spray paint/primer (must adhere to plastic)

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Paint the canvas with a very wet paint brush and streaks of light gray, dark gray and black paint.  Allow to dry.
2.  Using a Dremel tool (or other tool that will work), cut off the back of the skull, so it will lay flat on the canvas.  
3.  Spray paint the skull white and allow to dry.  Add water to light gray and dark gray paint and paint on skull.  Immediately wipe off the paint.  This will tone down the whiteness of the skull.
4.  Glue skull to the painted canvas.  Allow to dry.
5.  Cut cheesecloth into strips.  
6.  With black paint, paint the eyes and mouth of the skull.
7.  Using a combination of Mod Podge and gray and black paints, adhere the cheesecloth to the canvas and up the side of the skull.  You want it to be lumpy.
8.  I did two layers.  Allow to dry.
9.  With red paint, add some accents.  It can be nice and thick or thin, but is to look like blood.
10.  Glue on eyeballs.
11.  Add spiders of varying sizes.

That’s it!  Now go hang up your one of a kind Halloween decoration!

Thanks for stopping by!  Stay safe and Happy Crafting!


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