DIY Easy Butterfly Shell Art ~ Beach Craft Series Craft Klatch

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I have shells and I still have a bag of stuff that our friend Joe dropped off before he moved a few years ago.  If you remember, I made a garden flower made out of thumbtacks that he gave me and made over a frame for my French/American party theme.  

His little bag of goodies/junk, also has some old frames in it.  I decided they would work perfectly to frame a butterfly made out of shells.  It almost has a shadowbox feel too it.

You will need:

–  Old frames
–  Cloud paper
–  Seashells
–  Wire
–  Glue:
–  Gray and white birch paint
–  Triple Thick:

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Remove old pictures from frames.  One frame I had was metal and other was an old wood frame with no back.  I cleaned both.
2.  I removed the old picture from the metal one and put in some cloud paper.  You can change this background out whenever you want.
3.  I glued the wood frame, which had no back, to the metal frame, with the cloud paper.  I allowed it to dry.
4.  For the shells, you need two that look like butterfly wings, one that would work as the body for the butterfly and one round one for the head.
5.  Using Triple Thick, I painted it on all of the shells and allowed them to dry.
6.  Once everything is dry, I glued the shells on to the glass of the metal frame.
7.  I cut some thin wire into strips and twisted the ends around a skewer stick.  Then I glued them behind the head, for antenna.  Let everything dry.
8.  I thought the frame was too dark for the butterfly, so I used some multi-purpose paint in gray and white birch.  I put both paints on the brush and streaked the frame.  I wanted it to have more of a washed out driftwood type of feel.

That’s it!  Hang it on your wall, or put it on your desk to remind you of the beach!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting and stay safe!


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