Fourth Of July Easy Coasters ~ THERE’S STILL TIME!!!

If you need a last minute decoration to liven up your Fourth of July decor, you can make coasters that you can get the kids involved in and also use them as fun conversation starters!

You can do three versions, so do whichever is easiest for you!  
There is still time to make these Fourth of July themed coasters!  They are super easy craft and a great kid craft!

You will need:

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Clear contact paper:
Images that you print (royalty free):
Stick glue:
Craft foam:
Cork shelf liner:
Bone folder:

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Print out images that relate to the Fourth of July ~ like hamburgers, hotdogs, fireworks, s’mores, flags, etc. on card stock.

2.  Take clear contact paper (clear shelf liner).
3.  Put it over the image.

4.  Put glue on the backside and stick it to the craft foam.
5.  Then cut it out.

6.  Another version is to take a black and white outlined image, like the hamburger shown above and you can color it in, or it’s a perfect opportunity to get the kids involved and have them color it in!

7.  Once colored, put it on cork.  I used cork shelf liner that has adhesive on the back.  That way, you can skip the glue step.  And then cut it out.
8.  Now you have two versions.  If you don’t have cork or craft foam, don’t worry!  Here’s another version that will help get your guests talking!

9.  Take your images and cut them out.  Also, print out some fun facts about whatever image you are using and print those out on regular paper.    Such as:  Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Americans consume seven billion hot dogs.    How about that for a fact?  That’s A LOT of dogs!

10.  Cut it to fit on the back of the image and glue it on.
Then cover it with clear contact paper on both the front and the back.
11.  Now you have coasters that work well as conversation starters!  Double duty!

 12.  You can scatter your fun coasters around your party!  Hope you like it!  

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Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Fourth of July and a safe Fourth of July!

Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!  Stay safe!


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