Garbage to Gorgeous ® Episode #12: Little Girl Rocking Chair Makeover DIY ~ Craft Klatch How To

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It’s time to makeover some furniture!  Whoohoo!  I found the rocking chair at a garage sale, like two years ago.  It’s been sitting in the garage, waiting to be me redone.  Some of my viewers were concerned that it was an antique, so I got it checked out.  It’s a portrait chair and I was told it was not that uncommon and it was worth about $15.  However, with the condition, $15 is probably pushing it.  It was gouged, crappily repaired, the seat was split all the way through and it really was a mess.  I’m redoing it for a little girl, who will surely show it much love!

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You will need:
–  A chair 
–  Stripper:
–  Odorless mineral spirits:
–  Primer
–  Paint
–  Sandpaper
–  Stencil:
–  Multi-surface paint
    –  Gray:
    –  Pink:  

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  The first thing I did was strip the chair.
2.  Then I cleaned it with the mineral spirits.
3.  Because it was in such bad shape, I passed it onto my husband, Greg, who first glued and clamped it, did wood filler and added a wood plate to the bottom to repair and support the seat.  It was then very solid!
4.  I then sanded it, especially where there was wood filler.
5.  I primed it.
6.  I painted it white. 
7.  Once everything was dry, I painted the spindles pink, the two nubs on the front, a light gray.
8.  Then I stenciled the bird in the gray.
9.  On the back of the chair, I stenciled the flowers in gray and pink.

That’s it!  

Be sure to keep your eye out for those beautiful treasures just waiting to be restored!

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