Kitchen Table Refinish | Garbage to Gorgeous® Episode #21 w/ Video

Today is the day we tackle the kitchen table refinish! You can restore a damaged piece of furniture instead of replacing it!

I’m redoing my parent’s kitchen table which has a farmhouse style.

The top had gotten stripped and beat up by years of use. Mom was ready to unload it, but I said…


I can totally fix it.

The only problem was the top, which is the easiest part to refinish!

Video to Refinish a Table

Here is a quick video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I did it.

Supplies You Will Need to Refinish a Table

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The Kitchen Table Refinish BEFORE

Here is the table, which was not in bad condition but the top needed help.

Kitchen table refinish before

There were scratches and stripped spots.

Scratched and stripped table top

Kitchen Table Refinish Directions

Step 1

I wrapped the table to protect the other areas. The only part that was damaged was the top, so there was no reason to strip the rest of the table.

Table is wrapped to protect sides and pedestal during the refinish

Step 2

I wanted to start with a clean slate for this kitchen table refinish, so I brushed on the stripper.

Brushing on stripper for the kitchen table refinish

Step 3

After it sat long enough, I began to scrape the finish off.

The stripper I used just liquified the finish and makes the removal messy but easy.

Scraping old finish off the farmhouse table

Step 4

Once I scraped off the finish, I wiped it and washed it. It’s always good to have a nice clean base before you stain a wood table.

Wiping the surface clean to refinish a table.

Step 5

Then, I stained the top.

Remember to always follow the directions of the stain you are using. If it says to sand between coats, be sure to do that.

Some stains have the protective coat already built in. If your does not, be sure to follow up with a good clear coat.

Applying stain to the kitchen table refinish

Here it is all finished! Like it was never scratched or damaged!

Farmhouse table after being refinished copy

Whether doing a farmhouse table style or any other from rustic to formal, they have stain colors and finishes for all your needs!

Kitchen table refinish after farmhouse style

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That’s it! Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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