How to Make a Princess Hat Craft Tutorial

Anyone can be a princess!  We big girls are not too old to be princesses either!  

To make the princess hat, you will need:
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–  Poster board:  best to go to Dollar Tree:
–  Feather boa:
–  Satiny fabric:
–  Pencil:
–  String:
–  Ribbons:
–  Beads:
–  Tulle:
–  Spray adhesive:
–  Hot glue:
–  Masking tape:
–  Sequin trim:

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Take a pencil and tie a string to one end.  I went with 12 inches from pencil to the end of the string.
2.  Holding the string in the corner of the poster board, draw a curve from one side to the other.
3.  Cut along curve and you should be left with a large pie piece.
4.  Take your satiny fabric and lie it flat, shiny side down, on a clean work surface.
5.  Spray one side of poster board with spray adhesive and put it down on the satin fabric.  Flip it over and rub out any bubbles or wrinkles.  Trim excess fabric, just beyond the edge of the poster board.  Use more spray adhesive on the edge to fold over the excess fabric and give it a clean edge.
6.  Take your hot glue gun and create the cone.  Take some masking tape and tape along the seam on the inside, just for additional strength.  **Note:  When I did it, I left a little opening at the tip of the hat, so I could feed the ribbon and tulle through it later.
7.  Hot glue the boa along the bottom for trim.
8.  String ribbon with a few beads.  Cut the tulle to length and know a few pieces together at one end.  Feed all of it through the tip, from the inside.  You might need a skewer to help feed it through.  Hot glue the sequin trim and the ribbons, hiding the ends in the opening.  When everything is in place, hot glue the opening shut.

That’s it!  Now you can be a princess too!

Happy Crafting!


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