Pistachio Shell Bowl Recycling Craft

Make a gorgeous bowl that’s functional and fun!  What a great conversation starter.

Watch the video tutorial here:

You will need:

 – Pistachio shells (dyed or natural)
–  Resin (I used Easy Cast resin, which is available at craft stores)
–  A bowl to use as a mold
–  Cling wrap


1.  Clean pistachio shells and dye if you want a colorful bowl.
2.  Choose a bowl.  You can get cheap bowls at the dollar store.
3.  Cover/wrap the inside of the bowl with cling wrap.
4.  Put pistachios in bowl and move them around to make sure you have enough to make the size bowl you are working with.
5.  Mix your resin.  I used two capfuls of each the resin and hardener to make my bowl.  Prepare resin according to package directions.
Tip:  Always protect your work surface.  When working with resin, wax paper works well.  Wear gloves because resin is a pain to clean off your hands.
6.  Pour resin on the shells and let it run down (see video).  Don’t use all of your resin, use a half to 2/3.
7.  Carefully arrange the shells up the side of the bowl.  The shells should be sticky enough to stay in place.
8.  When you have the shells in place, use the rest of the resin and pouring from the edges, let it run down the sides.  
9.  Cover to prevent dust from getting in your project.  
10.  Be patient and allow to dry overnight before trying to remove it from the mold.
11.  I liked using the thin plastic bowl because it allowed me to carefully bend it and break the seal of the shells with the bowl when trying to remove it.

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Happy Crafting!


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