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Learn how to make Christmas Bell Resin coasters!  It’s great home decor idea for decorating for the holidays and because the wood cutouts are from Dollar Tree, they are great for decorating on a budget!

Materials list:

Bell cut outs:
Gold paint:
Silver paint:
Fine gold glitter:
Fine silver glitter:
Painters tape:
Tinsel glitter:
Jingle bells:
Resin (use whatever resin brand you like):
Easy Cast:
Art Resin:
Clear Cast:
This is the resin I used for this project:
FX Poxy: ~ According to the manufacturer, this one is heat resistant to 500 degrees F.

Here is a video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I made them:


1.    I found these wood cut outs at Dollar tree and thought they would make good coasters!

2.  I painted the silver and gold.  Since I was going to do silver and gold glitter, I wanted to make sure I had a complimentary background, incase is shone through.

3.  I used painters tape and taped one side.  

4.  I burnished down the tape, to make sure it had stuck.

5.  I used my craft knife to cut off the excess tape.

7.  I put them up on a couple of cups and mixed one ounce of resin and separated it into two cups.

8.  I mixed glitter into each of the cups of resin.

9.  I poured the mixture onto each of the bells.

10.  I used my stir stick to move it around on the cutouts.  

11.  I used a lighter to pop the bubbles and let it sit a minimum of 12 hours, before handling.

12.  I used my craft knife to cut along the edge of the coaster, so that I could remove the tape and drips.

13.  I took cork shelf liner and cut off two pieces a bit larger than each bell.

14.  I removed the back liner from the cork.

15.  For a little extra strength, I put a bead of glue around the edge of the bells and then put them on the sticky side of the cork shelf liner.

16.  I used my craft knife to cut the excess cork from around the bells.

17.  I used my paint marker to add the detail that we covered up with the glitter.

18.  I used my glue to add some tinsel garland I had on hand.  

19.  I glued three little jingle bells on each.  I made sure to keep it hunched toward the top, so I wouldn’t decrease the space for a cup or glass.  Plenty of room!

Here is the cork back!

Here they are!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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