Bird Table Makeover Furniture Salvage DIY

It’s time for another Garbage to Gorgeous™ furniture salvage! The neighbors put the bird table in the trash, so I picked it up for an easy upcycle!

It was post-hurricane and the neighbors put this gem out in the trash!

I couldn’t believe it!

I loved it!

Just in case, I did double-check with them to make sure it wasn’t a mistake.

They said they did not want it back.


It was the perfect addition to the two chairs I made over for the she shed deck!

It’s been sitting there for about seven months and its time had come!

Rusted outdoor chairs given a complete makeover

When I did the chairs, I asked what color the table should be. More than any other color suggested was…


It wasn’t originally on my radar and I wasn’t sure about it, but I asked and decided it was the right thing to do!

So this furniture salvage was going to get a coral makeover!

Bird Table Furniture Salvage Video Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial. It’s quick and it’s easy! Give it a look!

Materials Needed for Bird Table Furniture Salvage

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Directions for Bird Table Furniture Salvage

Step 1

I cleaned the table. It was metal and pretty easy to clean. I used TSP to best prep it for painting. When doing a furniture salvage, it’s always important to give it the best start to be able to accept paint.

Cleaning the bird table

Step 2

There was a little bit of surface rust on the table…mostly at the joints. I used the Rusty Metal Primer to give it a good base for painting it.

Bird table makeover up cycled furniture. spraying the metal table with rustoleums rusty metal primer

Step 3

I broke out the coral! It only comes in gloss, so that’s what I took. It looks a little darker in pictures. It’s definitely a bright coral color.

Painting and upcycling the bird table furniture makeover

Once dry, I put it on the she shed porch!

I love when I can upcycle or do a furniture salvage in a day! It’s so satisfying!

Upcycled bird table furniture salvage

I’d love to know if you like the color or do you think it would look better in a different color?

Upcycled bird table furniture salvage with blue chairs

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  1. Coral is perfect.. Your idea to change up color of table is inspiring me to do similar to my wrought table and chairs. A lovely makeover for my little patio. TKU for insperation.


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