Christmas Gnome Ornament Dollar Tree Craft

Create a Christmas gnome ornament using wood cut-outs from Dollar Tree! It’s a very budget-friendly Christmas craft!

Who can resist some good gnome crafts, especially for Christmas?

Not me!

I found the adorable gnome wood cut-out at my local Dollar Tree store and I already had this snowflake cut-out from last year.

For a little change of pace, I thought combining them might be fun.

In another twist, I thought of using scrapbook paper instead of just paint because they come in festive patterns, colors, and designs.

Christmas gnome ornament | Christmas gnome ornament wood cut out with wood snowflakes. faux fur and Christmas scrapbook paper

Supplies for Christmas Gnome Ornament

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Christmas Gnome Ornament Video Tutorial

Here is the full gnome tutorial in case you want to see how I made it!

Christmas gnome youtube video

Christmas Gnome Ornament Directions

Step 1

Trace the gnome. I used a piece of paper and a pencil to rub or trace the edges of the various gnome parts. I did the hat, the hat trim, the beard, his shirt and the legs and skates. Then, I cut then out and wrote front on the front of it.

Tracing wood gnome with paper and pencil

Step 2

Use the templates you just made and place them on the back of a piece of scrapbook paper. The side where you wrote “front” should be up against the back of the scrapbook paper. Trace it and cut it out.

Cut out a hat from a piece of scrapbook paper

So the same with the beard and the hat trim using the faux fur.

Step 3

Paint the wood gnome to seal the wood. Sometimes when you only paint one side of the a piece of thin wood, it can bow or curl. To prevent that, I painted both sides to seal it. Then, when I did the Mod Podge, nothing curled.

Paint the nose of the Christmas gnome ornament

While you are at it, paint the nose a flesh color.

Step 4

Wet your brush. Then, brush the Mod Podge on the back of the cut out scrapbook paper and on the corresponding part of the gnome. Lay it down in the proper place and brush the front with more Mod Podge. Put a little Mod Podge on your finger and further smooth the paper. This prevents wrinkles and bubbles.

Brush Mod Podge onto the scrapbook paper and put it onto the Christmas gnome ornament

Then, put a little extra water on your paintbrush. Lightly brush over the Mod Podge and you won’t have any visible brushstrokes.

Step 5

Paint the snowflake with silver spray paint. Lay the little snowflakes on the dry snowflake and use white spraypaint to spritz it. This will create a subtle pattern on the larger snowflake. Remove the smaller snowflakes and paint eight of them white.

paint large snowflake ornament with little wood snowflakes

Step 6

When the gnome has dried, use an emery board to smooth the edges of the paper, which may be sticking out passed the edge of the wood. Then, use a black permanent marker to color the edge black.

Use emery board to smooth edges of any excess paper on the Christmas gnome ornament

Step 7

Glue everything together. Add the beard, the hat trim and the pom pom at the end of the hat. Also glue on the snowflakes and add glitter trim and accents. I glittered the ice skate blades too!

Glue beard on the Christmas gnome ornament

Once it’s dry, you have a super cute Christmas gnome ornament! You can add the string back to hang it. You can have it in a bookcase or on a mantel. If you take Command strips, you can randomly hang it on just about anywhere!

Finished Christmas gnome ornament craft
Finished Christmas gnome ornament dollar tree craft

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Thanks for stopping by! Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter! Stay safe!


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