How To Make Donuts to Wear as Jewelry!

Are you ready for a fun craft? I’m going to show you how to make donuts to wear as necklaces! You can customize it to make your favorite donut!

If you want to go big, I have a fun Donut Paperweight project I know you will love!

Supplies You Will Need When I Show You How to Make the Donuts to Wear!

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How To Make Donuts to Wear Video Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I made them!

Directions on How To Make Donuts To Wear!

Step 1. Mix one ounce of resin, according the package directions.

Donut silicone mold and one ounce of resin in a up

2.  Mix in a little bit of brown, white and yellow pigment dye. You want your donut necklace to have a realistic color.

Mix brown pigment into the resin for the donut color
Resin in a cup with brown pigment mixed in
Add white pigment to the resin
Add yellow pigment to resin mixture

3.  Pour the resin into the mold.  Try to fill them to equal levels – not all the way full.  You should get roughly 10 donut halves out of one ounce.

Pour colored resin into the silicone donut mold

4.  Pop bubbles with a lighter and allow to cure at least 12 hours.

Resin in donut silicone mold popping bubbles with lighter

5.  Remove the donut halves from the mold, so you can start to put together the donut necklaces.

Remove resin donuts from mold
Two donut halves removed from mold

6.  Glue the halves together, wipe any that might ooze out and allow to dry.

Smear glue onto donut halves to make donut necklaces
Press two halves together with the glue in between
Wipe any excess glue that squishes out from in between the two donut halves

7.  Use the glue to create a frosting on the donuts. 

how to make a donut with frosting just squish some clear drying glue onto the resin donut
Use a toothpick to move the frosting around the donut

8.  Add bugle beads as sprinkles.  Gently press them into the glue.

Green pink and blue bugle beads
How to make donuts press bugle beads into the glue frosting

9.  Sprinkle glitter onto the glue and allow to dry.

How to make donuts with colored frosting, and bugle beads and purple glitter with glue

10.  An alternative, mix pigment powder into some glue and spread it on the donut like frosting.  Press in bugle beads.

Mix glue and pink pigment in a cup to make frosting
Spread the glue and pigment pink frosting on the donut
How to make donuts with pink frosting and bugle beads for sprinkles
How to make donuts with glitter, frosting and sprinkles!

11.  When dry, drill a small hole into the donuts.

Drill small hole into one edge of the resin donut

12.  Trim down and add an eye pin with glue.

Using pliers cut down eye pins
Add eye pin to resin donut

13.  Add a jump ring.

Add jump ring to eye pin

When you add a cord, you have a super cute donut necklace!

Add cord to donut charm
Pink donut with pink glittered frosting
How to make donut necklaces

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Now You Know How To Make Donuts To Wear, BUT….

Maybe you don’t want to make your own donut necklaces, but you still want one. Here are some great donut jewelry options!

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


How do make donut necklaces to wear

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