Cute Chick Charms | Easter Crafts [Video]

Learn how to make cute chick charms, using cute buttons and resin! It’s an easy Easter Craft!

Easter makes me think of pastel and cuteness in the form of bunnies and chicks!

When I found these buttons, I could not resist buying them! I thought they would make the perfect Easter project!

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Cute Chick Charm Video Tutorial

Here is the full video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I made them:

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You Will Need:

Cute Chick Charms DIY Directions

1.  I had found these bezels a while back, in the clearance section, and thought they would be perfect for the cute chick charms project.

Holding two jewelry bezels one bronze and one silver
Holding bronze and silver bezels for Chick Charms

2.  Because they do not have flat backs, I used bottle caps to keep them in place.

Bronze bezel placed on bottle cap

3.  I mixed my resin. The resin I used is a fast curing resin and it cures white. I had to work fast!

Pouring resin into a cup with silver and bronze bezels placed on plastic bottle caps

Be sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM!

4.  I separated the resin into two small cups and added pigment powder to each. Pigment powder can have a very strong color, but because the resin cures white, it makes them pastel.

Mixing purple powdered pigment in the resin with bronze and silver bezels on bottle caps
Mixing purple pigment into resin

5.  I poured the resin into the bezels.

Pouring pink resin into bronze bezel
Pouring purple resin into silver bezel for the cute chick charms

6.  I dropped the first cute chick button into the pink resin and let it sit.

Place chick into resin filled bezel

7.  The purple resin was curing quickly, so I had to squish the other cute chick into it and hold onto it. It all cured within 15 minutes.

Press chick into purple resin filled bezel

That’s it! Now we have two super cute chick charms!  Add a jump ring and a cord and you have a necklace. You can also turn it into a keychain.

Holding two purple and pink cute chick charms

Easter Necklace Alternatives:

Holidays come upon us before we know it! If you don’t have time to make the Chick Charms, here are some really fun alternatives:

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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How to make cute chick charms

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