How to Get Rid of Bubbles in Resin

Lately, I have had trouble with teeny tiny bubbles in my resin.  I use Easy Cast and I have never had this occur.  I searched the internet.  Reading blogs, forums, rereading directions, I tried to find out why this was happening and to try and find a solution.

There were tons of tips that I found and some that were shared with me.  After experimenting with a number of different techniques, I finally found a combination that works for me.
Here is the video tutorial where I show you how I do it:
1.  Put your unmixed resin bottles in a bowl of warm water.  DO NOT USE HOT WATER!  I tried hot water and it did not work, it only made everything more watery.
2.  Mix your resin as you normally would, but when you take the bottles out of your water, wipe down the bottles first, before you start measuring, because you don’t want the water to mix with the resin.
3.  When your resin is properly mixed, put it in a bowl of HOT WATER.  The cup will probably float up a bit, so find something to put on top of the cup to keep it in the water.  The hot water will allow the bubbles to rise to the top and pop.  Leave it in the water for 3 to 5 minutes and your resin should have few to zero bubbles!  Yay!  Now pour your project!!
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope it helps!  Happy Crafting!

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