How to Get Rust Off of Metal Furniture & Fix It

Have you ever wondered how to get rust off of metal furniture? Not only do I know how to remove rust but I’ll also show you how to fix the metal too!

Greg and I went for a walk and saw two beautiful chairs in the trash.

Yes, they were rough.

Not just post-hurricane rough but a lot of years in the weather rough.

Upon closer inspection, the rust had eaten holes into the metal…like…bad.

Like…it compromised the structural integrity bad.

Greg shook his head with an emphatic, “No”.

I said, “Let’s keep walking and think about it”.

By the time we circled back, he had succumbed to my persuasion.

We finished our walk, grabbed the minivan, and picked those babies up!

I mean, it’s not much of a makeover if something is already in pristine condition…right?

So this is what the rusted furniture looked like.

Not bad, right?

Rusted furniture how to get rust off of metal furniture


remove rust from rusted furniture metal chair

There ya’ go! Now you are seeing what Greg saw.

And that wasn’t the only spot.

Chair leg Rusted furniture removing rust from metal

You’re getting a better feel…

Rusted furniture ready to show how to get rid of rust from metal

But I had the faith!

I knew I had an ace in the hole…

A card up my sleeve…

A secret weapon!

Our friend Joe had told me about JB Weld.

Big shoutout to JOE!

Whoot! Whoot!

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When I researched JB Weld further, I realized they had lots of products to do lots of fixes and they had just what I needed!

(By the way, this is not sponsored)

So I knew what I had to do!

I went shopping for SteelStik, the Original JB Weld, and for Rust-Oleum paint!

Then, I got to work removing rust from the rusty furniture!

How to Get Rust Off of Metal

Knowing how to get rid of rust is important. The longer you leave it, the longer it will eat away at metal like a cancer.

how to get rust off of metal before
Rusted furniture BEFORE

It could be on a car, a bike, furniture, a barbecue, etc. Wherever it is, the sooner you remove rust from metal, the better!

how to get rust off of metal with a wire brush after
Rusted furniture AFTER

In this case, the plan was to remove rust from rusted furniture and use a filler to make it strong enough to use again.

NOBODY wants to sit on a chair and have it give out under you!

Step 1: How to Remove Rust

I started removing rust as best I could.

I used a wire brush that was attached to a drill. It made the job so much easier than if I had to do it by hand.

Using a wire brush to remove rust from rusty furniture

When I had to remove rust from the finer areas of the rusted furniture, I went with a smaller wire brush attached to a rotary tool.

how to get rust off of metal with a wire brush rotary tool attachment

If you can remove rust down to bare metal that would be ideal. However, sometimes you cannot remove rust entirely.

Step 2: Rust Reform

When I had removed as much rust from the metal chairs as I could, I washed and dried the furniture.

So the question became not only

How to get rid of rust?

But also how to keep it away!

That’s when I used rust reformer to convert any of the remaining rust into a paintable surface.

Spraying rust reformer on rusted furniture

Step 3: Fill the Rust Holes

I used a combination of the SteelStick and the JB Weld to fill in the holes as needed and let it cure.

Add JB Weld SteelStik to fill in the rust holes in the metal chair

If you smooth it before it cures, you will have minimal sanding after the fact. But I did have to do some so I used my rotary tool.

Sanding rusted furniture that has been filled with JB Weld SteelStik

Step 4: Prime and Protect

A lot of spray paints have a primer built in but I wanted to give it a little extra protection, so I used a separate primer with rust stop built in.

Spraying rust stop primer over the rusted furniture

The primer I used gave it a nice white primer coat so the final color would pop.

Step 5: Paint

I finished off the chairs with beautiful aqua blue spray paint and the chairs looked like new! You can’t even see that they were filled!

Spraypainting rusty furniture with rustoleum seaside spraypaint


Let’s hit the brakes for a second and take a look back to what it waaaas…

remove rust from rusted furniture metal chair

Don’t forget we had to figure out how to get rid of rust…

Chair leg Rusted furniture removing rust from metal

Take a look at it NOW!!!

They are the perfect addition to the craft shed’s front porch!

I could not be more excited for happy that I decided to take on that old rusted furniture and transform it!

Now you know how to get rust off of metal. It takes a little time but it’s pretty easy!

Rusted outdoor chairs given a complete makeover

And instead of throwing away rusted furniture, you can give it a new look and a new life!

This was a fun project and I think they turned out pretty amazing!

Rusted outdoor chairs given a complete makeover

I’ve had several neighbors remark how much they like the chairs on the porch.

Outdoor chairs makeover after

They have no idea they were a garbage pick and how rusted out they were!

Now I need some cushions.

Here is the big question:

Should I paint the table the same color as the chairs or a different color?

I’d love to hear what you think!

Drop your opinion in the comments!

Furniture Makeovers

I love to do furniture makeovers and not all involve how to get rid of rust, but some have presented me with that very problem.

Anyway, here are some projects I think you will really enjoy:

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Thanks for stopping by! Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!

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