Thanksgiving Craft | How to Make Fall Napkin Rings

Are you ready to see how to make beautiful napkin rings, to dress up your Thanksgiving holiday table?Well, it’s time to get your Thanksgiving craft on!

These napkin rings are a great Thanksgiving craft idea that looks like stained glass, without little glass shards flying around!

Thanksgiving Ideas!

Thanksgiving crafts can be a little overlooked when you think about decorating, but it really is a fun crafting opportunity!

If you need some ideas, I have so many Thanksgiving craft ideas, but here are just a few:

Try an easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece! It’s inexpensive, but you would NEVER think so!

Or DIY Easy Pilgrim Coasters that is fun for you and the kids! They should probably have a little fun too!

How about a Pumpkin Pie Candle? But don’t eat it!

Supplies You Will Need to Make the Napkin Rings

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Thanksgiving Craft Napkin Ring Video Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I made them!

Directions on How To Make the Thanksgiving Craft Napkin Rings

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies and Start Painting!

I started with unfinished wood napkin rings…

Unfinished napkin rings

…and unfinished laser cut leaves.  

Laser cut leaves for napkin rings for the Thanksgiving craft

First, I painted napkin rings and lightly painted the wood leaves with the matching color.

Painting napkin rings green
painting fall leaves green

Step 2: Break Out the Packing Tape!  

Once dry, I put packing tape on the back of the leaves. I made sure to burnish the tape down, so it would have a nice seal. The tape was used to prevent the resin from leaking out, so I needed to make sure the seal was tight.

Adding tape to the back of the wood flowers

Step 3: Mix and Divide Your Resin

I mixed the resin, according to the package directions. Dividing the resin into three cups, I added a small amount of pigment into each.  

Mix resin into two cups

Step 4: Start Dripping

I dripped the colored resin into the leaves. You need to be patient when you are doing this step. Maybe put on a little zen music. No head-banging heavy metal!

Adding red resin into the flower

Step 5: Let it cure.  

I allowed it to cure. I gave it 12 hours to harden before handling it. Don’t try to rush it!

Add red and green resin into the leaves

Step 6: No more tape  

I removed the tape. Pull carefully and slowly. This is not a bandaid! Also, don’t pull away from the piece. You risk pulling or breaking a piece off. The wood is pretty delicate. Pull away at a 45-degree angle.

Pulling packing tape off of the back or the wood flower for the napkin rings

Step 7: Glue it

I glued the leaves onto the napkin rings, using clear drying glue. I put them in little cups, so they would not fall over while drying.

Gluing the resin fall leaves to the Thanksgiving craft napkin rings

Once dry, that’s it!  Now go set a beautiful Thanksgiving table! The napkin rings have a classic stained glass look to them!

I went with multiple colors, like the changing leaves of fall, but you could just as easily use one color.

Thanksgiving craft fall leaves napkin rings

That’s it!

Thanksgiving craft fall leaves napkin rings

If You Like The Wood and Resin Combo for Thanksgiving Ideas…

Don’t limit the combination to just Thanksgiving crafts, they are beautiful year-round for all your holiday crafts!

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Other Fall Leaf Decorations for Your Home!

If you love decorating with fall leaves, here are some beautiful items you can add to your home decor this fall!

Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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