10 Inspiring Summer Home Tour Decor Ideas

Discover 10 summer home tour decor ideas to transform your living space into a seasonal oasis. These tips will inspire your summer decor.

If you know me, I love summer! Having relocated to Florida several years ago, I can live out my life in tank tops, shorts, and flip-flops…

AND decorate my house in summer style!

And I’m so excited to be part of this Summer Home Tour Blog Hop! Chloe Crabtree of Celebrate and Decorate has put together an amazing group of bloggers to share their summer decorating tips and gardens! Be sure to visit them all! Thank you, Chloe, for hosting!

Summer Home Tour Decor Ideas collage

As the summer season approaches, it’s the perfect time to refresh your home with bright, breezy, and fun decorations. If you’re wondering how to decorate a summer house…I’ve got you covered.

Check out these 10 summer home tour decor ideas to get your space ready for the sunny days ahead.

10 Summer Home Tour Decor Ideas

1. Decorate with Starfish and Seashells

When the spring bunnies hop away, it’s time to bring out the starfish and seashells! Scatter these ocean treasures on mantels, tables, and shelves for a beachy vibe that epitomizes summer home tour decor. Their natural beauty adds a touch of the coast to any room.

I have my starfish on corner shelves in my kitchen and over the mirror in my foyer…but they look great anywhere. I love the larger ones that are neutral but noticeable.

Starfish on fish on shelf

I have a battery-operated shell candle in a dish with tiny shells to accent, on my coffee table.

2. Outdoor Fan Makeover

For a unique addition to your summer home tour, give your outdoor fan a makeover.

When we repainted the house, we were going to toss the fan. Before we did that, I painted the whole fan in a vibrant teal/aqua and laser engraved the fan blades with seashells, starfish, and turtles. Now we are keeping it!

This simple upgrade not only cools your space but also adds an artistic touch to your patio or screened porch.

You can see how I updated the fan HERE!

Lanai with new ceiling fan

And we didn’t have to buy a new fan!

3. Dragonfly Solar Light

Every outdoor area needs a little mood lighting. Illuminate your evenings with a dragonfly solar light on an outdoor side table.

I can’t find this exact one anymore but I found this one that I would buy in a heartbeat when it comes time to replace it!

Blue Dragonfly solar light

This charming light adds a whimsical glow, perfect for late-night swims or cozy outdoor gatherings, enhancing your summer home tour ambiance.

4. Sunflower Table

Never underestimate what a unique side table can add to a space!

I created a stunning sunflower table from a thrift store basket and candlestick. It’s a unique and cheerful table that’s perfect for holding drinks or snacks during summer get-togethers. This piece is a stand-out in summer home tour decor ideas.

You can see how I made it HERE. It’s easier than you think!

Sunflower basket side table

5. Small Accents

Summer home tour decor ideas don’t have to be big. Small accents can make a big difference in your summer decor.

I have made coasters for every occasion but in the summer, I break out my stamped octopus coasters.

stack of Octopus cork coasters laser engraved

6. Large Turtle Wall Hanging

When you have a wall that is screaming to be a feature wall, you should listen!

I did just that in my dining room. I’m not going to tell you what it is made from because you’ll never believe it until you see it!

You can see it HERE!

Big sea turtle wall art on dining room wall

I’m going to tell you, it’s a creative and affordable way to add a statement piece to your wall and this one fits perfectly with our summer home tour decor ideas.

7. Turtle Rack on the Front Porch

Whenever possible, I love to pick up discarded furniture on the side of the road. That’s exactly what happened with this rack! See it HERE!

I gave it a total makeover and now it proudly sits on my front porch with a new lease on life!

Front porch turtle rack furniture makeover perfect for summer home tour ideas

You can get a similar character to add to your summer house decor!

8. Cat Tree

We have two cats, Pouffy and Grayson. Our boys deserve the best and comfy places to lounge all summer long.

Grayson the tabby cat sitting in cat tree

We may have gone a little over the top with it and I tell you the whole story HERE. But they love it and deserve it because those boys are the best!

It kind of screams summer as it is…

but I have been known to add some ornaments for Christmas.

9. Solar Torch Lights

Don’t overlook outdoor lighting! We have these fun solar torch lights that make me feel like we are going to have a luau at a tiki hut! It’s hard to see in the picture but they look like actual flickering flames.

Summer home tour decor ideas | solar torch lights in garden

These eco-friendly lights are a fun way to illuminate pathways and garden beds, adding a magical ambiance to your outdoor spaces…a perfect accent for a summer home tour.

10. Don’t Forget to DIY Outdoor Accents

I’m going to squeeze three projects under this topic.

I made a little trip to Goodwill and I bought a vase and a shirt. The shirt happened to be on sale, so that made it extra great!

Check out how I made it HERE!

I used those items to create a stunning outdoor accent light. This DIY project is a great way to upcycle materials and add a unique, artistic light source to your patio or garden, enhancing your home tour decor ideas.

I have two other outdoor accents that I have to mention!

I recently made an outdoor sun yard art for a monthly challenge I take part in.

I don’t think you can guess what it is made of!

It stands proudly on the path to my front door.

finished yard art sun

The last outdoor project I want to share is super special to me. It’s the kind of thing that makes memories and makes a house a home. I do this project every year over the 4th of July with the grandkids and they get excited and look forward to it every year!

It’s how the learned about traditions.

I think everyone should incorporate a version of it into their landscape.

Do it with your kids, nieces and nephews, or grandkids. Might even be a fun adult friend project.

You need to read it to fully understand (and I hope you do) but they are garden fish sticks.

Family tradition fish stick in flower bed 2

Bonus: Colorful and Comfortable Pool Floats

If you have a pool, don’t forget to add some colorful and comfortable pool floats. We bought these pool floats six years ago and they are still going strong, despite the unforgiving Florida sun!

We actually bought them after Hurricane Irma, which left us without power for a week. We figured the next time that happened, we’d just sleep on our pool lounges.

These are perfect for lounging on hot summer days and add a splash of color to your pool area, making your summer home tour complete.

With these 10 summer home tour decor ideas, your home will be ready for all the fun and relaxation that summer brings. Get creative, enjoy the process, and make your home a summer haven!

Thanks for taking the tour with me!

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  1. I love it Mona! I just picked up a set of starfish accent rings so now I’m itching to put them out for the summer, I love how yours are just cute accent pieces scattered throughout your home. PLUS your cat tree for the boys is amazing, I bet they love it!

  2. You have certainly embraced the Florida lifestyle with all of your accents for outdoor living and things like the touches of seashells and your pretty turtle art indoors! Thank you for joining us! Happy Summer!


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