DIY Nail Polish Jewelry Pendant

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I was asked to do this project a long time ago, but never got around to it until now!  It’s nail polish swirled in a bezel and covered with resin!  Easy-peasey!

You will need:

–  Bezel

–  Metallic nail polish
–  Resin (I used Easy Cast)
–  Toothpick

Here are some items available through Amazon, that might work for you:

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Drip different colors of nail polish into the bezel.  
2.  Take a toothpick and swirl the colors around.
3.  Allow to dry.
4.  Prepare your resin, according to the package directions.
5.  Pour or drip the resin into the bezel.
6.  Allow to cure a minimum of 12 hours.

That’s it!  Now you have a beautiful accessory for your oufits!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting and stay safe!


1 thought on “DIY Nail Polish Jewelry Pendant”

  1. BTW loved the tutorial. Quick question can you use spray paint enamel or clear nail polish and it be a hard lasting seal? I was looking at the supply list and I have everything but the resin (and I have never used resin yet). Trying to make it a cheaper DIY
    Thank you ~M


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