Glittered Stemware Craft Tutorial

This is possibly one of the easiest crafts and inexpensive to boot!  It’s perfect for customizing your stemware so everyone remembers which glass is theirs.

You will need:
–  Stemware from the dollar store.  They are GREAT glasses for A BUCK!
–  Mod Podge
–  Glitter – I was able to find a few colors at the dollar store, but you may have to look elsewhere if you want a wide array of colors, which… I DO!
–  Painters tape
–  To finish the glass and make sure the glitter stays put, you can put on another coat of Mod Podge, do a spray lacquer (make sure to cover all non glitter areas, so you don’t get it all over the glass!), or I used a Triple Thick and brushed it on.  My first choice would be to spray, but it’s too cold for me to spray outside and I DO NOT like to spray inside!  So Triple Thick was the winner for me!

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Take a piece of painters tape and wrap it around the stem.  I wanted the glitter to go up the stem a little and the tape gave it a nice clean line.
2.  Brush Mod Podge on the stem and base, below the painters tape.
3.  Apply glitter to wet Mod Podge.
4.  Allow to dry.
5.  When dry, put finish over the glitter.  I brushed Triple Thick.  If I had the ability to spray finish, the would have been my first choice ONLY because it’s a little easier and quicker.

That’s it!  Pour yourself a drink!  I might use these everyday!  I can fancy up my orange juice in the morning, or my glass of water for dinner!

These are not dishwasher safe.  You will need to hand wash them, but it’s so worth it!

Have fun!  Happy Holidays!  Happy Crafting!  And thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love these! Found your link on Craft-O-Maniac 🙂 These would make a great easy christmas gift!!

    • Thanks Samantha! I think they would make a great gift! I wouldn't mind getting a set myself! : )

      Thank you for stopping by!


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