Hot Glue and Glitter Snowflake Craft Tutorial

Here is an easy craft to make snowflakes.  I like to either have them hanging in the window, or I like to have them on my dinner table for Christmas dinner.

 You will need:

–  Parchment paper
–  Hot glue
–  Glitter

Here is the video tutorial:
1.  Lay down parchment paper
2.  You have the choice to freehand the snowflake or pre-draw, or print a snowflake pattern you find online.  If you are using a pattern, make sure it is somewhat basic.  Put pattern under parchment paper.
3.  Draw snowflake – one line at a time – with the hot glue, on the parchment paper.  At one end (if you want to hang the snowflake),  make a thick, open circle, with the glue and glitter (see below).  That allows you to have a way to hang it.
4.  After each line, while the glue is hot, sprinkle with glitter.
5.  Continue until you have made the entire snowflake.  Allow to cool.  
6.  Peel off of parchment paper.

Give it a try!  Have fun!  Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!


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