Quick and Easy Easter Artwork Craft Tutorial

I have a frame in my powder room and I like to have the picture or artwork reflect the holiday or season.  It’s the half bathroom guests use when I am entertaining, so I like to have that special little touch.

I was in a pinch for Easter, so I came up with a quick and super easy piece to put in the frame.

You will need:

–  Ribbons – any color, scraps, whatever you have laying around
–  A piece of cardstock
–  Easter Stickers
–  Fun scrapbook paper
–  Glue stick

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Cut the piece of cardstock into the shape of an egg
2.  Find your ribbons and order them on the egg and cut into strips, just longer than the width of the egg – you want a little extra on each side to fold over.
3.  Take your glue stick and either put it on the cardstock or the back or the ribbon and glue all your ribbons in place.
4.  When all of your ribbon are on, flip it over and run the glue along the edge of the back and fold all your ribbons over
5.  I found the cute chick stickers at Hobby Lobby, in the Easter section.  There are so many fun stickers available.
6.  I cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frame.  Then, I placed the egg on the paper and the chick stickers.
7.  I put it all into the frame and hung it up in the bathroom!

That’s it.  You could have it done in 10 minutes and it adds a cute touch!

Happy Easter!  Happy Crafting!  Thank you for stopping by!


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