Cook An Artichoke The Easy Way

Oh, the artichoke! You can boil them, bake them, fry them or even stuff them but I’m going to show you how to cook an artichoke the easy way!

Such an unusual and strangely beautiful thing! The artichoke. I do love them. One of my favorite all-time projects is when I made my Artichoke Garden Art.

I still have it but…

What is an artichoke?

artichoke banner

I never gave it much thought. I love the way they look and the way they taste. When I started writing this, I started thinking, What exactly is an artichoke? Well, it’s considered a vegetable.

No surprise.

And it’s good for you.

No big surprise there either.

Interestingly, (this may one day help you with a Trivial Pursuit question) it is the bud of a thistle. Meaning, it is an enormous thistle that has not yet bloomed.

That led me to look up artichoke blooming. Turns out, they are quite beautiful with purple flowers.

Blooming artichoke
Image by Matthias Böckel from Pixabay

Who knew?

Does that mean they are a great big weed? By the way, who determines what is a weed or a flower? I have always thought thistles are beautiful!

Step 1: Prepare an Artichoke

There are so many ways to prepare an artichoke but I like the easy, fast, and no-fuss way. You aren’t covering up the flavor or getting fancy.

We are going to cook an artichoke in the microwave! It’s convenient, easy, and delicious! Before we start cooking, we need to prepare the artichoke.

There are two simple things you need to do to prepare an artichoke for cooking.

Wash it.

Prepare an artichoke by washing it

Cut off the stem.

Cut the stem off to prepare

Step 2: Artichoke in Microwave Safe Dish

When getting ready to cook an artichoke, put it in a microwave-safe dish with a little water on the bottom. We will be steaming the artichoke in the microwave.

artichoke in microwave safe dish
To cook an artichoke in microwave place it in a microwave safe dish

Step 3: Artichoke in Microwave

To cook an artichoke, set the cooking time to 5 minutes.

Step 4: Poke the ‘Choke

When five minutes is up, pop open the microwave and poke the choke with a sharp knife.

poke the choke with a knife

If it slides in easily, it’s ready. If it still seems hard, microwave it for one-minute intervals until the knife slides in.

**Times may vary due to the artichoke size and the power of the microwave.

Step 5: Start Eating

Pull out the leaves, dip them in melted butter, and scrape the inner part of the leaf with your teeth. Don’t try to eat the whole leaf, you’ll just end up with an upset stomach and you’ll be chewing all day.

Pull the leaves out of the artichoke
Serve artichoke with melted butter

Greg making short work of eating an artichoke.

Greg eating an artichoke

Step 6: Get to the Heart of It

When you get to the middle of the artichoke, you will have finer purple leaves, Go ahead and eat those. They are much, much softer.

Purple leaves on inside of artichoke

The soft leaves are covering up the fuzzy layer that is guarding the artichoke heart. The fuzzy layer is called the center coke.

Fuzzy layer of artichoke

Step 7: Expose the Artichoke Heart

The easiest way to expose the heart is to use a knife and scrape the fuzzies away and just pick any stragglers off with your fingers. It can be a little messy.

Scrape artichoke center choke off with a knife

You should end up with something that looks like this.

Artichoke heart

Prepare an artichoke heart by trimming off any remaining stem and cutting it into four pieces. Don’t forget to dip that into melted butter too!

Dip artichoke heart into melted butter

That is all there is to it!

Let me know if you like artichokes, down in the comments below!

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How to cook an artichoke the easy way

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