DIY Big Peep Plushie! Craft Klatch

I will show you how to sew a Big Peep Plushie!  It’s an easy DIY craft for Easter!
It’s huge, it’s a giant, it’s a GODZILLA-SIZED PEEP!

You will need:

Here is the full video tutorial:


1.  Find a picture of a Peep and draw a pattern.  I took sheets of paper and made two ears, a head and the body. Once I had the parts created, I taped them together to create the pattern.

2.  Have your fabric laid out double and trace the pattern onto the fabric.  

3.  Cut out fabric. I left a small border outside of the line.  That way, I could sew right along the line I drew.

4.  Now it is time to sew. If you have a sewing machine, go ahead and do that.  If not, do what I did and hand sew it. I started on the bottom and worked my way around.  I made sure to leave a small opening at the bottom.

5.  Once I had it sewn, I was able to put my hand in and turn it inside out.

6.  I used stuffing to stuff it – making sure I went all the way into the ears first.

7.  Once stuffed, I sewed the small opening shut.

8.  I cut three small circles out of the brown felt.

9.  I glued them onto the face.

That’s it! Now you have an enormous peep plushie!

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If you don’t feel like making a Peep Plushie, here are some fun alternatives!

Thank you for stopping by!  Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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