Penguin Babies DIY Recycled Golf Ball With Video Tutorial

I have recycled yet another golf ball and this time, it has turned into a penguin! Make a bunch of these and you have a whole crèche of penguin babies!

Supplies You Will Need To Make Penguin Babies

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Penguin Babies Video Tutorial

Penguin Babies Directions

1.  Using the black permanent marker, draw a heart on the ball. You want the inside of the heart to be white and not have any writing on it.

Draw a heart on the golf ball

2.  Take your black acrylic paint and paint the whole ball, with the exception of the heart. Leave that white. Allow to dry.  

TIP:  Use a water bottle cap to keep the ball from rolling away, while painting and drying.

Paint the area outside of the heart drawn on the golf ball black

3.  Take the yellow acrylic paint and paint an upside down triangle for the beak.

Paint a yellow triangle inside the white heart for the penguin beak

4.  Glue on the googly eyes.

Glue on google eyes to the cute penguin golf ball

5.  Paint the golf tees yellow and allow them to dry. You might want to shorten them if you feel they are too long.

Paint two golf tees yellow

6.  Glue the tees on the bottom of the golf ball.

Add hot glue to the yellow golf tees

That’s it! Now you have a cute penguin or penguin babies to go along with the other cute golf ball critters!

Golf ball babies | penguin made out of a golf ball

Other Penguin Critters

Other Fun Penguin Stuff!

Have fun with it! I’d LOVE to see what you make! Be sure to share it over on my Craft Klatch Facebook Group! It’s Free! ❤️

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Penguin babies | penguin made out of a golf ball and golf tees

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