Glitter Organization and Storage Tips

Do you have a glitter problem? I do! I have been busy trying to organize my craft room! One of my issues is glitter storage and organization. I’m tired of buying the same exact thing again and again because I can’t find what I have!

The best thing about organization is it helps simplify your life! So, I’ll share my organization and storage tips with you!

If you have any craft organization and tips, I would love the hear about them in the comments!


I found these perfect spice racks to store my glitter!

They came in a natural wood color, so I painted them white.

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You can find the spice rack/shelves HERE!

Paint shelves white

Dollar Store Jars

I bought dollar store jars to store the glitter in a more uniform way.

If I had smaller amounts, I just put them in Tic Tac containers or left them in the original containers.

Make sure whatever container you buy has a shaker opening and a pouring opening. You will need both, depending on the project.

Orange glitter Jar
Glitter jars in spice rack

So Much Better!

Now, I can see what I have and it eliminates waste and saves money because I won’t be double buying!

I always feel like I can take a deep breath after I get something tidy and organized. Don’t you?

Glitter on shelves


Now that we know what we have, here are some fun projects to make with that newly organized glitter!

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Here is the video so you can see it more in depth.

Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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