How to Make a Witch Hat Craft Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to make a witch hat? Now you can! If you like to make your own Halloween costumes or spooky Halloween decorations, this project is for you!

Wear it or use it as part of your Halloween decor!

There is More to a Witch than a Hat!

To complete your witchy look, you are going to need more than just a hat! Be sure to complete your ensemble!

Here are some of the other items you will need and they are easy to make!

Supplies You Will Need to Make the Witch Hat

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Here is the Witch Hat Video Tutorial

Witch Hat Directions

Step 1

Take a string and tie it to a pencil. Make the string as long as you want your hat tall. Working from the corner of your foam, put the free end of the string onto the corner of the foam. Place a finger on it and hold it firmly. Stretch the pencil back, making the string tight and straight. Place the pencil on the foam and draw from one end of the foam to the other. You are drawing a curve.

String tied to pencil to make cone for witch hat

Step 2

Cut it out. The foam cuts easily with regular scissors.

Cut black foam along pencil line for cone

Step 3

If you don’t want your witch hat to be stick straight and you want to be able to bend it to give it character, tape a piece of wire into the cone of the hat. Use bendable wire and duct tape to secure it.

Duct tape wire into the inside of cone for witch hat

Step 4

Roll the cone portion of the hat together. Put a strip or two of duct tape on one of the straight edges of the foam. Half of the tape will overhang the foam. Roll the cone together – it may take a little doing. The tape should be on the inside of the cone. As you roll the cone, you will use the tape to secure the cone together.

Roll the foam into a cone securing it with duct tape

Step 5

Time for the brim! Take your string and make it as long as you want your brim to be wide. Fold the string in half. Put the string in the center of a piece of foam and hold the free end of the string with your finger. Draw a circle with your pencil. Then cut it out.

Use string and pencil to draw a circle on the foam

TIP: If your foam curls (like mine did), lay it flat on a table and apply a little heat. I used my heat gun. Be careful and don’t add too much heat, or you may melt the foam.

Step 6

Fold the brim in half (don’t actually crease it) and cut a hole. Open it up and keep cutting until it fits your head.  

 Fold foam in half and cut out center

TIP: Cut the hole in the brim a little smaller than your head. Then, make small cuts around the inside of the inner hole. That way, it will expand to fit different size heads.

Step 7

Hot glue the cone to the brim of the hat.

Glue to cone to the brim of the witch hat

Step 8

Take a narrow black ribbon and glue it along the seam on the back of the witch hat to hide it.

Glue thin black ribbon on seam of witch hat cone

Step 9

Now is the time to decorate! You can glitter the whole thing. I decided to keep it a little more simple and monochromatic, so I could accessorize with any colors I wanted. I glued trim around the cone and I added a glitter spider.

Glue on fuzzy black trim around the base of the cone
Glue spider onto the witch hat for a spooky effect


This is an opportunity to let your fun or spooky creativity shine! Go crazy and decorate any way you want!

Again, this makes a great witch hat for Halloween costumes or use it for spooky Halloween decorations!

Old wicked witch with witch hat and red scarf

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Thanks for stopping by! Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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  1. I enjoyed your video and will use the string-pencil technique in future. That will save a lot of time spent measuring. I also like your idea to add wire. That really makes the cone of the hat work. Thank you!


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