Free Form Resin Coasters DIY with Video

Have you ever wondered if you could free form resin? This is an easy project to start experimenting with a freeform resin technique.

They have a fun honeycomb texture and you can make them any color!

For any decor!

Free Form Resin Coaster Video Tutorial

I’ll explain it all later in the post, but here is a quick video tutorial so you can see exactly how I made them!

Supplies You Will Need to Make the Free Form Resin Coasters

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  • Resin
  • When deciding on which resin to use for your coasters, you need to keep in mind whether you want it just for cold cups or for hot ones as well.
  • If only for cold drinks, you can be flexible and use whatever brand you like:
  • If you want it to work for both hot and cold drinks, you need to look for a heat-resistant resin, like these:
    • FX Poxy ~ According to the manufacturer, this one is heat resistant to 500° F.
    • Stone Coat

Directions for Free Form Resin Coasters (First Version)

I found this silicone hot pad and thought it would make a great base for a resin project… of course I thought coasters!

Silicone mat for free form resin coaster

Step 1

Using leftover resin from other projects, I decided to make coasters. I had about an ounce and I had divided it and mixed different pigment colors into it.

One ounce of resin divided into two cups with pink and blue Pearl Ex pigment powder mixed in

Step 2

I poured the different colors on the silicone mat…the blue, the pink, the yellow.

Pouring resin on the silicone mat for the free form resin coasters

Step 3

I used my lighter to pop the bubbles and let them cure for a minimum of 12 hours.

 Use a lighter to pop the bubbles in the resin free form coaster

After the 12 hours, I peeled them off the mat and Viola! a free form resin coaster!

Yellow blue and pink free form resin coaster craft

Directions for Freeform Coasters (Second Version)

Step 1

I divided one ounce of resin into three cups. The first has pink pigment powder, the second blue microbeads and the third was left clear.

Resin mixed with Pearl Ex pigment power and microbeads

Step 2

I poured some of the microbeads, followed by the pink around it and then repeated. I finished it off with clear so the microbeads would not get covered by the pink.

Pour blue microbeads mixed with resin and pink resin onto honeycomb silicone mat for freeform coaster

Step 3

I used my lighter to pop the bubbles and let it cure for a minimum of 12 hours. It does not get any easier than that!

Use lighter to pop the bubbles on the free form resin coaster

Once cured, I peeled it off and I had another freeform resin coaster!

Pink pigment and blue microbead free form resin coaster

That’s it! I hope you give them a try!

Other Fun Coasters

Of course, if you are looking for more freeform coasters, these two are my favorite!

Thanks for hanging out!

Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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