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If you are looking for things to make with golf balls, here are some fun and easy golf ball crafts! You can make crafts on a budget, or better yet do some decorating on a budget! These aren’t just kid’s crafts! They are golf balls craft ideas for all seasons! Dare I say golf ball art?

Have you ever wondered:

  • What can you make out of golf balls?
  • What do you do with old golf balls?
  • How to recycle golf balls?

Well, how about upcycling or repurposing them instead? Repurposed items are good for the environment and are budget-friendly. When you reuse a golf ball you have the opportunity to turn it into golf ball art. I even have golf ball projects where they are used as garden and home decor! In my opinion, the best golf ball to use is a used golf ball and even if it’s damaged or marred, it can still be upcycled!

You can find inexpensive golf balls at Walmart here:

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People Golf Ball Crafts

1.  Princess Golf Ball Craft

DIY Golf ball princess craft project

Princess Golf Ball Craft

What little girl isn’t obsessed with princesses? Here is an easy project that you can make for the princess fan in your life, or they can make it with a little help. It’s a perfect addition to a little girl’s room decor! I did not think of this when I made the princess, but you can easily make a body – check out the Golf Ball Witch and go princess colors instead of witch colors!

2.  Golf Ball Babies

Baby shower idea golf ball babies

Golf Ball Babies

Think about how cute these little babies would be at a baby shower! They could just be decorations, party favors, or use them for place cards. Use the wire on top to hold a name!

3.  Golf Ball Buddy

DIY Golf Ball Buddy craft

Golf Ball Buddy

This is one of my older ones, but I think it would make a great Father’s Day gift! Make it even more special by making it look like Dad!

Critter Golf Ball Craft Ideas

4.  DIY Easy Butterfly

Easy Butterfly DIY Golf ball craft

DIY Easy Butterfly

Golf ball projects don’t have to bug you! Butterflies make me think of Spring and make me smile! At first glance, who would even think this is a golf ball craft? You can make these any color and they would be perfect for a little girl or little boy’s room! How about having them fly around the ceiling in a baby nursery? Too cute for words!

5.  Golf Ball Ladybug

Easy ladybug using recycled items

Golf Ball Ladybug

This ladybug is not going to eat the pesky aphids in your garden, but it will still bring a smile to your face!

6.  Golf Ball Ants

Giant garden ants made from recycled materials

Golf Ball Ants

These ants won’t ruin your picnic and they won’t eat your house! They are oversized and fun to have in the garden or have a line of them crawling up the side of your house! Make them red to add a little fire ant excitement!

Bird Golf Ball Crafts

7.  Golf Ball Penguin

Easy baby penguins | penguin golf ball craft

Golf Ball Penguin

You won’t find this guy hanging out in Antarctica, but he would be perfectly content sitting on your shelf.

8.  Golf Ball Turkey

How to make a turkey for Thanksgiving | golf ball turkey

Golf Ball Turkey

This is one of my favorites and I think it would be so festive to have them on the Thanksgiving table, either holding down a napkin or as a place cardholder. Nobody would expect a rafter of turkeys on the table. (Yes, I had to look up rafter).

Animal Golf Ball Craft Ideas

9.  Mighty Elephant

Golf Ball elephant

Golf Ball Elephant

You don’t have to travel to the jungle to find this elephant! He is simple to make and fun to have hanging around!

10.  Sheep to Help You Sleep

golf ball sheep diy

Golf Ball Sheep

If you are having trouble sleeping, line up a bunch of these cute sheep and start counting! Easy to and fun to make! Seriously, who knew recycling a golf ball could be so fun?

11.  King of the Jungle Lion Golf Ball Craft

golf ball lion craft

Golf Ball Lion

Don’t be afraid! There is no growling coming from this happy lion! A full main and smile on his face brings a little cheer to a jungle themed room decor.

12.  Bunny Golf Ball Craft

Golf ball bunny diy

Golf Ball Bunny

Bunnies aren’t just for Easter anymore! This adorable bunny certainly says Spring, but he’s just cute to have hanging around too!

13.  Golf Ball Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Backpack Charm

Teenage mutant ninja turtles keychains TMNT

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have become a classic! Do you have a favorite? These are perfect for use as keychains, but also to hang on kids backpacks! It’s a super fun golf ball craft!

14.  Golf Ball Turtle

Golf ball turtle craft

Golf Ball Turtle

He might not be TMNT material, but he’s all kinds of turtle cute! With a shell of foam and a smile on his face, it just makes me happy!

15.  Golf Ball Cow

golf ball cow craft

Golf Ball Cow

For a barnyard vibe this cow will make you look twice! Golf ball projects can really moo-ve you!

16.  Golf Ball Pig and Chick

Golf ball pig and chick craft

Golf Ball Pig and Chick

Check out these little barnyard cuties! A pig and a chick would be a perfect golf craft for Easter!

17.  Pink Golf Ball Poodle

pink golf ball poodle diy

Pink Golf Ball Poodle

Black, pink and a poodle make me think French! She has style and class!

18.  Golf Ball Dog

DIY Golf ball dog

Golf Ball Dog

A dog is a perfect golf craft and gift for a dog lover that is also a golf enthusiast.

Fish Golf Ball Crafts

19.  Golf Ball Goldfish

Gold ball goldfish diy

Golf Ball Goldfish

No aquarium of fish food required! This goldfish will just be happy to hang around to brighten your room or garden!

20.  Golf Ball Sharks

golf ball shark crafts

Golf Ball Sharks

Don’t go in the water! These golf ball sharks are ready to go for a swim.

Home Decor Golf Ball Craft

21.  Golf Ball Resin Lamp

Golf Ball Lamp DIY

Golf Ball Lamp

Who says you can’t work golf balls into your home decor? Golf crafts can be elegant creations! Here is a lamp I made from scratch. I used golf balls and resin and added an elegant lampshade to finish it off.

Halloween Golf Ball Crafts

22.  Spooky Golf Ball Witch Craft

Witch craft golf ball witch

Golf Ball Witch Craft

This little witch can sweep the cobwebs off your shelf. Her head is a golf ball, but I made everything down to the broom.

23.  Bat Attack

golf ball bat craft

Golf Ball Bat

This little cutie is not scary at all! Think about hanging a bunch of these on your front porch for a fun Halloween decoration that repurposes old golf balls!

24.  Golf Ball Pumpkins

golf ball pumpkin craft

Golf Ball Pumpkin

This pumpkin pair can be joined by many others and hung from a tree outside for trick or treaters to see!

25.  Golf Ball Spider

Halloween spider golf ball craft

Golf Ball Spider

This little creepy crawly is too cute to stomp! Best part, this golf ball spider will keep his cobwebs to himself!

Christmas Golf Ball Crafts

26.  Pine Cone Christmas Tree with Golf Balls

How to make a Christmas tree out of pine cones | Golf Ball Christmas Tree

Golf Ball Christmas Tree

When you are doing crafts with golf balls, they don’t have to be the central element in the golf ball art. In this project, I used a Big Cone (I’ll show you how!) that I made and covered it with pine cones and used golf balls as Christmas ornaments!

27.  Golf Ball Snowman

Golf ball snowman ornament craft with red scarf and black hat

Golf Ball Snowman

You don’t have to put on your mittens to make this snowman. He would make a great Christmas ornament!

28.  Golf Ball Santa

Fun Santa Golf ball ornament

Golf Ball Santa

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa should put you in the Christmas spirit!

Brighten Your Day Golf Ball DIY

29.  Golf Ball Sun

golf ball sun craft

Golf Ball Sun

When you make something, it just has to bring you joy. It might not make sense to someone else, but golf ball art can come in the form of an ornament or anything that makes your happy!

I’m Ending Big With a Keychain Golf Ball DIY

30.  Golf Ball Keychain

Golf Ball Keychain

What is the ultimate project in golf crafts? It is simply to turn your favorite golf ball brand into a golf-themed keychain.

I hope you see that crafts with golf balls are unlimited and can range from golf themed home decor and holiday decor to fun kids’ room decorations!

Life’s too short, not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!!™

Thanks for stopping by!  Stay safe!  


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