35 Easy Fall Crafts For Kids To Keep The Kids Busy

Fall is always a little bittersweet for me because it means summer is ending. But Fall also means changing leaves, apple cider, pumpkins, Halloween, and turkeys. Those are things I can get excited about! What better way to help the kids transition into Fall than with Fall Crafts for Kids! It’s a great way to keep the kids busy, an opportunity to teach them about Fall, and a chance to spend time together making Fall and Halloween decorations!

I’ve compiled 35 of my Fall Crafts for Kids, but don’t think teens and adults can’t take part too! After all, we are all kids at heart! All of the projects are linked to the full directions!

Painted Pumpkin Fall Crafts For Kids

Let’s start our list with pumpkins a Fall and Halloween staple. Pumpkin carving is quite popular for Halloween, but I grew up painting pumpkins. My mom preferred it because the pumpkins lasted longer. I love a well-carved pumpkin, but I don’t seem to do it well. I have, however, come to appreciate the flexibility and range of what you can do to a pumpkin with paint! No knives required! I have also begun to add and make additional accessories that we never did as kids!

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Be sure to stock up on acrylic paint to make your pumpkins!

1. Spider Pumpkin

Black spider pumpkin fall crafts for kids

This Spider Pumpkin is so easy! Black paint, google eyes, and pipe cleaners. The kids can paint the pumpkins, paint on a cute face, pick out eyes and you can help poke the holes for the pipe cleaners. Easy peasy!

2. Turkey Pumpkin

Turkey pumpkin with brown and red metal feathers and long legs craft

Thanksgiving needs a good decoration and this Turkey Pumpkin puts the turkey in your fall decor! Kids can craft this turkey with a little help. I used old soda cans for the feathers, but construction paper would work just as well!

3. Princess Pumpkin

Princes pumpkin with pink hat fall crafts for kids

Princesses have obvious appeal. This Princess Pumpkin is super cute and the hair could be any color and the eyes could be any color. You can buy a pre-made hat, or there are directions on how to make the Princess Hat DIY, for the pumpkin, or for your Halloween costume!

4. Bat Pumpkin

Black bat pumpkin craft with fangs, wings, and google eyes

This Bat Pumpkin is great for small to medium sized pumpkins. The bat wings are out of easy to cut craft foam and there is a glitter on the eyebrows to give him a little extra zing!

5. Black Cat Pumpkin

Black cat painted pumpkin with striped tail and pink ears

I love cats, so it would be fitting that I would make a Black Cat Pumpkin for Halloween. This one is paint, craft foam and glitter and cute as can be!

6. Wicked Witch Pumpkin

Green wicked witch painted pumpkin with gray hair and black witch hat and stem for nose fall crafts for kids

What could be scarier than a Wicked Witch Pumpkin on Halloween?! The green really brings out her eyes and yellow teeth! This one also has a custom made Witch Hat! There are full witch hat directions and you can make it for the pumpkin of for yourself when you are feeling especially bewitching!

7. Frankenstein Pumpkin

Frankenstein painted pumpkin craft with green face, black hair and silver bolts

Keeping with the green theme, you can build your own Frankenstein Pumpkin with the addition of polymer clay bolts, or you can buy some real bolts to add as his accessories.

8. Zombie Pumpkins

Zombie pumpkin crafts with teethe bloody faces and rotting flesh

The Zombie Pumpkins might be better reserved for older kids because it involves hot glue to simulate rotting flesh. But they are sure to make a ghoulishly gross impression on the tricker treaters!

Halloween Ornament Fall Crafts For Kids

Ornaments aren’t just for Christmas anymore! You can decorate and haunt up your house with Halloween Ornaments!

9. Halloween String Pumpkin

Orange string pumpkin fall crafts for kids

Pumpkins are obviously very Fall. This String Pumpkin is easy and cute enough to hang anywhere. The only thing I would do differently is add a little pumpkin tendril by wrapping it around a skewer stick or pencil.

10. Eyeball Ornament

Styrofoam eyeball ornament halloween craft

Create this Eyeball Ornament starting with a smooth styrofoam ball! A little paint and soon you will have a hanging eyeball! Creep out your friends and neighbors!

11. Fall Scarecrow Ornament

Scarecrow ornament craft with button eyes, felt nose and hat

This Scarecrow Ornament is one of my most popular posts, possibly my most popular Fall post! It’s easy and you may even have most of the parts laying around at home!

12. Paint and Glitter Pumpkin Ornaments

Two orange pumpkin ornament crafts  one with glitter and one with paint

Check out these Pumpkin Ornaments that are ridiculously easy to make! One is made with paint and the other with glitter and floor wax! Yup! I said floor wax!

13. Black Cat Ornament

Black cat ornament craft fall crafts for kids

This Black Cat Ornament is sure to bring a smile! Easy to make and so cute!

Recycled Fall Crafts for Kids

To trash or not to trash…that is the question. Or is it? I say don’t trash, instead upcycle, repurpose and reuse! The next three projects are prefect examples of using and crafting with things that might otherwise end up in the garbage.

14. Scarecrow Centerpiece

Recycled scarecrow centerpiece fall crafts for kids

Here is an example of a crafts that can be made from all reused or almost discarded items! The Scarecrow Centerpiece is basically made from paper bags, buttons, glue and raffia. Obviously there was paint, but the main foundation was stuff that would have been tossed into the trash!

15. Recycled Kids Bat Craft

Recycled black bat craft for kids

My husband came across this Recycled Bat Craft and thought I should give it a try. Instead of throwing the plastic TV dinner tray in the trash, it was turned into a Halloween decoration!

16. Lightbulb Eyeball

Eyeball lightbulb crafts

This Lightbulb Eyeball isn’t exactly a recycling craft because I used a working lightbulb. However, you could use a burnt out lightbulb instead. I just wanted to see what it would look like lit up. Because it is a glass bulb, this would be a project for older kids.

Dollar Store Fall Crafts For Kids

Let’s turn our focus to dollar store crafts and how we can turn really inexpensive items into really fun and totally creepy Halloween decor! They are budget-friendly Fall crafts for kids!

17. Frankenstein Halloween Votive

Green Frankenstein glass votive with silver bolts Halloween craft

A square votive is a perfect base for a square Frankenstein Votive head! He’s a cute character to add festive flair!

18. Zombie Votive

Zombie dollar store votive with zombie under glass and crackled black fishbowl votive on top craft

Zombies are creepy and just scream Halloween! This Zombie Votive looks like an expensive decoration from a specialty store, but it’s mostly from the dollar store!

19. Pumpkin Candy Jars

Dollar store pumpkin candy jar crafts in green, white and orange

Transform plain candy jars into Pumpkin Candy Jars! They are easy and cute little grouping to have sitting around the house. You can use brush on paint or spray paint to make these cuties!

20. Skeleton Halloween Dollar Store Craft

Skeleton dollar store craft ornament with skeleton climbing out of a black orb

Turn a terrarium into a Skeleton Dollar Store craft to add a little creep to your pad!

21. Glitter Spider Votives

Orange and purple glitter votives with gem spiders fall crafts for kids

Dress up simple glass dollar store votives to make Glitter Spider Votives. Who says Halloween can’t be glam!

Halloween Golf Ball Fall Crafts for Kids

Turn old golf balls into fun characters or little works of art!

You can never have enough golf balls on hand!

22. Golf Ball Witch

Green golf ball witch with black dress and hat and witch hat holding broom

Don’t get all weepy, Halloween is creepy. She will cast a spell, if you dare tell! You better make a Golf Ball Witch to keep you safe!

23. Golf Ball Bat

Black golf ball bat with wings, pointy ears, fangs and google eyes craft

Take a used golf ball that might not have any bounce left and turn it into a cute Golf Ball Bat that can fly around your house this Halloween!

24. Golf Ball Spider

Golf ball spider with thin legs

Don’t worry, this guy won’t spin webs in the corners of your house! You can create a Golf Ball Spider that can keep you company on your desk during Halloween or the whole year through!

25. Golf Ball Pumpkin

Golf ball pumpkins with black jack o lantern features

These Pumpkin Golf Balls are perfect little projects to for the kids to paint! Add them to a wreath or as a garland!

26. Golf Ball Turkey

Turkey golfball for Thanksgiving fall crafts for kids

This cute little Golf Ball Turkey is a perfect adornment for your Thanksgiving table! The kids can collect acorn caps and paint the turkeys!

Halloween and Thanksgiving Coasters – Fall Crafts for Kids

Easy coasters for the kids to paint and make their little masterpieces! You may need to make them, but they can decorate them!

27. DIY Candy Corn Coasters

Wood candy corn painted drink coasters

These Candy Corn Coasters are perfect canvases for the kids to show off their painting chops! Remember, candy corn comes in a variety of colors and flavors these days!

28. DIY Ghost Coasters

Wood ghost coasters

These grimacing ghouls can be happy or sad depending on the artist that paints them. Paint pens are a great option to add the faces to these Ghost Coasters.

29. Pilgrim Coasters

Thanksgiving painted cork pilgrim drink coasters fall crafts for kids

The last two coasters were wood-based, but these are even easier and only require scissors and paint! Surely the kids will make each Pilgrim Coaster an original!

Tissue Paper and Construction Paper Fall Crafts for Kids

Two staples of kid crafting is tissue paper and construction paper. I have used those is three pumpkin crafts that can are sure to please!

30. Tissue Paper Pumpkins

Tissue paper pumpkin crafts easy fall crafts for kids

This project will keep little hands busy for a while! A Tissue Paper Pumpkin proudly displayed on the refrigerator is a rite of passage!

31. Tissue Paper and Contact Paper Pumpkins

Two orange pumpkins made with tissue paper and contact paper craft

This is the perfect easy craft for kids. The beginning crafter will have no problem making these Tissue Paper Pumpkins!

32. Glass Stone Pumpkins

Five orange glass stone pumpkins

I have made other glass stone projects but thought it would be fun to give it a Halloween theme and make Glass Pumpkin Stones.

33. Styrofoam Pumpkin

Styrofoam pumpkin with black triangle eyes and mouth with a wood stick stem

There are so many things you can make just by starting with a styrofoam ball. This Styrofoam Pumpkin is an easy and kid-friendly Halloween craft!

Hair Accessory Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall and Halloween can also transcend into fashion accessories! I have two headband/hairband projects that would be super cute additions to to any outfit!

34. Fall Hairband Accessory

Hairband with fake leaves in yellow, orange and wine colors hair accessor

This Fall Hairband is the perfect hair accessory to wear with fall outfits and it’s easy to make!

35. Spider Headband

Spider hair accessory for Halloween fall crafts for kids

Generally, it’s pretty creepy to have a spider in your hair, but in the case of the Spider Headband, it is totally cool!

That’s my Fall Crafts for Kids Roundup! You should be able to find something in there to get the kiddies involved and most are very budget-friendly! I would love to know which ones you end up trying! Let me know in the comments below! I can’t wait!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


35 Fall crafts for kids with spider pumpkin, scarecrow ornament and orange styrofoam pumpkin

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